Can You Eat Goldfish with Braces?

The versatile nature of fish makes it a highly demanded food. It can be boiled, fried, grilled, etc and this is what makes it so lovable. We also can’t get enough of its unique flavors and nutritional values.

Although commonly known to be a pet, goldfish is a widely consumed fish in the fish lover community so much that its consumers who undergo braces treatment are left wondering if they can eat goldfish with braces.

If you’re a goldfish enthusiast with braces treatment or you know someone who is, allow us to give you the perfect answer to your concern. 

Can you eat goldfish with braces?

No, you should not. If you have braces on, you need to make a conscious effort to avoid eating goldfish. Certain foods will potentially cause harm to your brackets and wires and goldfish is definitely on that ultimate ‘do not eat’ list. 

Here’s why goldfish is a bad food idea if you have braces:

Goldfish is a bony fish and these bones can get stuck in your brackets and wires if care isn’t taken. 

If at all you have to eat goldfish, make sure it is well roasted or boiled. You need it to be soft enough to melt in your mouth, and to achieve this after cooking the fish to be tender, a non-battered fish is always a nice choice for you. This way, you can enjoy this interesting meal in comfort. 

When you are done eating, floss and rinse your mouth to get rid of any leftovers in your braces because this can leave you at risk of cavities and other tooth decay issues. 

Leftover food in your braces can cause you to develop sores in your mouth and your throat, which can have you at risk of feeling dry-mouthed, and we don’t want that. 

Can you eat goldfish crackers with braces?

Yes, you can. When it comes to braces-friendly snack options, goldfish crackers are a great choice. 

When you are undergoing braces treatment, you want to eat soft things that cause you to apply little pressure on your braces. 

Goldfish crackers are a soft cracker option that can replace chips during those times when you feel like munching on some crunchies.

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Can you eat fish with braces?

Yes, but on one condition. As a fish lover with braces, you should only eat boneless fish that is cooked to be tender. We’d suggest some braces-friendly fish options later on in this article. 

How you cook your fish also matters if you have braces. It is easier to attain a more tender texture when you boil fish, but let’s see how it is in the case of fried fish.

Can you eat fried fish with braces?

Yes and No. It depends on how the fish is fried. If it is fried without being covered in batter, eggs, breadcrumbs, and is not crispy or crunchy, you’re good to go. 

But in a situation where the fish is all crunchy, it is a bad idea because when you have braces treatment, you need to avoid any crunchy food that you have to bite into and spend an ample amount of chewing pressure grinding. 

Can you eat fish fingers with braces?

Not really. If you have braces, you should only eat fish sticks when they aren’t too crunchy.  You should also cut them into bite-sized pieces for comfortable chewing. 

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Can you eat Cheez-it with braces?

No, you should not eat Cheez-it if you have a braces treatment going on. Cheez-its are crunchy and hard and eating them can result in a costly trip back to your dentist as the chewing process can potentially cause your brackets and wires to be ruined. 

Earlier on, we said we were going to give you a list of fishes you can eat if you have braces. With braces comes greater responsibility for your health. You should endeavor to eat fish with little bone. 

Dear goldfish enthusiast with braces, since we recommend that you should not eat goldfish with braces, here’s a look at some braces-friendly fish you can enjoy at your next fish-based meal:

  • Sardines
  • Cod
  • Perch
  • Herring
  • Alaskan salmon
  • Mackerel
  • Tuna

If you love to eat fish, enjoying the right fish-based meals with braces on might not necessarily be an easy thing to commit to. You never really know when you might slip up and eat wrong. 

However, we hope living with braces gets easier for you as a fish lover now that you have read this article. 

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By Luong Tan

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