A Guide to Simple Meals For a Student Party

Parties are an inevitable part of the student’s lives. Hanging out with friends and having fun makes young learners feel freer and relaxed, as well as forget about study stress for at least a while. The good news is that you can also make new friends and spend your free time in an enjoyable way. 

Preparing for a party is an important step before you dive into the world of dance and joy. You need to find a place, arrange more space, do household chores, and cook some basic meals for your hungry friends. In this post, you will find a list of the best recipes for students that are easy to cook and require minimum effort. 

Before You Start Preparing For a Party

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Hot Sandwiches 

This is the most popular option that will help you to prepare snacks even if you are planning to invite a dozen of friends. The ingredients for your sandwiches might be different. For example, you can add ham, cheese, tomato, ketchup, etc. You can bake your sandwiches in the oven or place them in the microwave. The first option is usually more tasty, while the second one is faster. By the way, you might need to cook more hot sandwiches if you decide to invite many guests (sandwiches are very tasty, so make sure to have many!)


Unlike sandwiches, cooking burgers requires a bit more time. The reason is that you will need to cook some meat to compose a delicious feeling for your burgers. Moreover, the list of products you need to have in your fridge is a bit larger. 

Fry the meat for the burgers (avoid overcooking, not to make it dry!) Cut the vegetables, and make a sauce. You can choose any of your favorite sauces to make the cooking process faster. Don’t forget about cheese and onion. 


You can hardly find a student who doesn’t like pasta. This makes the dish a win-win option for any student party. Moreover, you can select any recipe according to the products you have. For example, there are many recipes that require shrimp while there are still tons of cheap options with onions and tomatoes only. 

As for cooking, pasta is usually boiled in salted water before it is fully cooked. The cooking time may differ depending on the type and thickness of the pasta.

If you are looking for some unusual pasta dishes, there are numerous options to choose from. For instance, you can use spaghetti, macaroni, and other types of pasta. Adding mushrooms or meat will help keep you and your guests full for a longer time. Some culinary experts also include kidney beans in their pasta recipes.

For those with vegetarian friends or guests, preparing a delightful broccoli pasta with sauce is an excellent choice. This dish is not only good for vegans and those who prefer to limit meat products in their diet. Broccoli pasta is a mouth-watering dish for even the most demanding friends. 

The recipe for broccoli pasta varies. In most cases, it includes onions, parmesan, and olive oil. Many experienced cooks also add red pepper flakes and garlic. You can easily create a delicious and wholesome broccoli pasta dish for everyone to enjoy.

All in all, cooking simple food for your party shouldn’t require plenty of time and effort. Still, if you would like to meet the tastes of all your guests, don’t forget to find out whether they have any allergies to specific products. If so, it might be good to prepare a couple of alternative dishes to make sure all your guests are happy with your party and treats.

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