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Terms of use and sharing of articles

Bourbon O holds the copyright of all content on the blog and is fully responsible for the copyright of the article.

You are not allowed to use the content on Bourbon O for commercial purposes such as printing, circulating for employees/customers.

You are allowed to reuse the articles, but you are not allowed to arbitrarily edit the content and sentences to avoid misleading readers.

Any reuse of articles on Bourbon O must clearly state “Article Source from Bourbon O” and include a link to the original article. It is strictly forbidden to arbitrarily translate articles into other languages ​​without approval from Bourbon O.

If you do not follow the above rules when reusing articles from Bourbon O, we are forced to report your website to the Google DMCA or submit a request to discontinue service to the providers. hosting, domain.

Copyright of products and services

It is strictly forbidden to resell or share the Paradise theme without the consent of Bourbon O. We will revoke the right to download + update, stop technical support and may sue if we find customers in violation.

Any resale or sharing of the Cuisine Ebook is strictly prohibited without prior consent from Bourbon O. We will revoke the right to download the ebook and may sue if we find that the customer is in violation.

Any questions please contact us for answers. Thank you!

Copyright logo/banner/print publication

All publications important in the dissemination of the blog’s brand such as Banner, Logo are used exclusively at Bourbon O.

Compliance with the above rules is based on the goodwill of both parties, without the protection of any agency/organization, so the observance of the above regulations is a respectful way of www.BourbonO.com

Rules for commenting

Do not use vulgar, objectionable words, contrary to fine customs and traditions and violate the provisions of law.

Do not include irrelevant links in the comments. Please use your real name when commenting.

The comments you post are strictly checked. Please strictly follow the above requirements to avoid unexpected events that may happen.

Terms of contact

Any questions about the content of the article, issues related to the article … please send it to the comment box below the article or the contact page for answers.

We will not reply and are not responsible for responding to emails and messages that refer to unrelated content such as propaganda, incitement to violence, social evils, superstitions contrary to pure aesthetics. practices and violate the provisions of the law.


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