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Bourbon O
Bourbon O

Hi, We are Bourbon O, a food blogger, cookbook author and honored to be appointed by the Vietnamese government as the Ambassador of US cuisine in Vietnam (2015-2016).
The world of cooking to me is a beautiful game that I don’t know since when I have been immersed. I love the feeling of wholeheartedly making a delicious dish, enjoying it, taking pictures and writing about it. Sometimes I mess up, a dish can’t be worse, it’s also an enjoyable (sometimes frustrating) experience.
I love going, eating lots of delicious food and figuring out how to make them.
I have been an artist and journalist for many years. And now, accidentally or voluntarily, I am a food blogger who is crazy about food, drink and specially kitchen gadgets. This Bourbon O world is a tiny corner where I want to share my love of cooking, my journey of tinkering with cooking and learning about food with you guys…

One of the greatest values I’ve come to realize from my time in the kitchen is that cooking has such a magical healing and loving power. Whenever I’m sad, tired, bored or disoriented, the place I go to is the kitchen. A batch of crunchy, fragrant cakes is the most effective medicine to soothe all those negative feelings. And not only for myself, but cooking is also a very good way to show care and love to those around. This I realize is largely thanks to Bourbon O, through the short stories you sent to share about the warm moments with your husband and children in the kitchen, about the bright faces of the father and son after work. , class time when I saw my mother greet me at the door with the announcement: “Today we have cake!”

For these reasons, I have been trying to maintain Bourbon O over the years, with the desire that Bourbon O is not only my own small kitchen, but also a place where inspiration “rolls in”. kitchen” for other friends, so that you will also experience the simple but profound and lasting joys and happiness like me and many other Bourbon O readers have enjoyed these days. past. And that’s why, consider Sweet Days as your own kitchen and feel free to roam around in it 😉

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