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Can I Eat Spaghetti After Tooth Extraction?

Post-tooth extraction is usually a tough time for most. At this time, you want to eat a lot of things but your dentist already advised you to watch what you eat, and you’re in a fix. 

As a pasta fan, after teeth removal, you may be tempted to consume a bowl of pasta.

Is pasta an ideal food for post-tooth extraction? Can you eat spaghetti after tooth extraction? How many days after tooth extraction can you have spaghetti? Are some questions that may raise concern for you, but don’t fret, we’re here for you!

Can I eat spaghetti after tooth extraction?

Yes, you can. Eating spaghetti after your tooth extraction is fine as long as it is cooked to be soft. 

After tooth removal, it is ideal to avoid anything hard to chew. 

Also, you may be tempted to enjoy your spaghetti with a tomato-based sauce. This is not a great idea. The acid contained in the tomato sauce is going to cause problems on the freshly extracted site. 

When enjoying your bowl of spaghetti after tooth extraction, try not to chew too close to the extraction site as it needs time to fully heal. 

Can I eat spaghetti three days after tooth extraction?

You definitely can. The extraction site has healed a bit more than the first day so it’s perfectly okay to do so. If you wanted to eat spaghetti the day after your teeth or tooth was extracted, it would still have been fine to do so. As long as the spaghetti in question is cooked until it’s soft, you can have it. 

Because the exposed gum is still healing, you would need to chew far from it so you don’t apply pressure to it.

Can I eat mac and cheese after tooth extraction?

Yes, you can. Mac and cheese is a wonderful post-tooth extraction comfort meal. This cheesy pasta meal is a great option while your gum is healing. Once you begin to chew easily again, it gets even better. If you had your tooth or teeth extracted or you’re about to, mac and cheese is a great post-surgery food. 10/10 would recommend. 

We know how exhausting planning a post-tooth extraction diet can get. From personal experience, it’s a hassle. Taking out your tooth or teeth is a big step and we want to make this process smooth sailing for you. 

Here’s a quick look at your ultimate post tooth extraction food list. 

What should I eat for breakfast after tooth extraction?

  • smoothies
  • mashed potatoes 
  • scrambled eggs
  • Greek yogurt 
  • soup
  • instant oatmeal
  • soft fruits
  • French toast

What should I eat for lunch and dinner after tooth extraction?

When the extraction site is healing, you want to stay clear of hard-to-chew foods as the pressure to bite into them and grind them can cause bleeding of the exposed gum. 

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Can I eat spaghetti Bolognese after tooth extraction?

No, it is not recommended to do so. As exciting as it may be to know that you can still enjoy a plate of spaghetti after tooth extraction, it will also interest you to know that spaghetti bolognese is out of the question. 

Spaghetti bolognese is an Italian dish that serves spaghetti with bolognese sauce, and guess what the sauce is made primarily of? Tomatoes!

Tomatoes are bad for you if you had your teeth or tooth pulled out because the tomatoes contain acid that can cause irritation problems for your healing gum.

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How long after tooth extraction can I eat spaghetti?

A day after is fine. You can partake in some tasty but not spicy spaghetti a day after you extract your teeth or tooth. All you just need is a soft, and not a spicy bowl of spaghetti and you’re good to go!

Post-tooth surgery, your exposed gum is still very sensitive and needs time to heal properly. What this means is that the consistency of foods available for you is dependent on the stage of your healing process. In the first few days to a week, you can enjoy liquid/semi-liquid or soft foods like ground meat, soup.

This would soon change because as the weeks go by, you begin to eat harder meals like vegetables and hard fruits. 

One day you wake up and your gums are fully healed and you can help yourself to a plate of spaghetti and tomato sauce without having to worry about anything.

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