What to Eat When Nothing Sounds Good: 10 Great Meal Ideas

Somedays, you can be hungry but nothing sounds good to eat. It doesn’t mean you’re not hungry, and it doesn’t mean you’re sick, it also does not mean you have no appetite. It just means you have not yet thought of the food that suits your mood at that time. it can be really hard to figure out what to eat when nothing sounds good to eat, but we have some really good ideas.

I’m Hungry but Nothing Sounds Good to Eat

Your emotions can affect your appetite, either causing you to not want food or causing you to crave something unusual. Sometimes, you feel like this because you don’t want to cook or because you are in a place in your life where everything has begun to seem routine. You are in a food rut.

What to Eat When Nothing Sounds Good – Best 10 Ideas

On days when you are bored by every single item of food in your fridge and your cupboards, what you need is food that is not quite food or food that you don’t usually consider as a meal. When nothing sounds good, eat food that is not typically in your everyday food choices.

Here are our best ideas for food to eat when nothing sounds good

Fried rice

Fried rice is just rice fried with oil and vegetables in a wok. It tastes great and it is a great use for the leftover rice in your fridge. If you’re in no mood for experimentation in the kitchen, you can order fried rice from most Thai or Chinese takeout places.

Bread and fancy cheese

Bread on its own is not exciting, but make a sandwich out of bread and any of the fancy cheeses you buy and never use, and your taste buds will be tingling with delight. Blue, brie, feta, gouda, or mozzarella; whichever one you’ve got, pull it out of the cupboard, put it together with any kind of bread and you’ve got food.


It’s not food, or is it? It’s corn, butter, sugar, or salt – that sounds like food. Get your own corn and pop it in a pot on your stove, or pick up microwave popcorn from any store around. Pop it, and you’ve got food; light, yet strangely filling if you eat enough of it.


Whether it’s midday or dinner time, there’s no reason you can’t have cereal as a meal. There’s a huge variety of cereal in the stores, so pick out one you’ve never tried and have fun eating.

Egg drop soup

This is chicken brought with beaten eggs in it. The other ingredients can be any seasoning you find in your kitchen. This meal is simple and you probably already have the ingredients. You can also order this from Chinese takeout places.

Chicken thighs and sweet potatoes

This is so delicious and so easy; anyone can make it. You can make this quickly in your oven with things you already have in your fridge.

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Fish tacos with Cabbage sautéed in mayo and sriracha and lime

Tacos are always great but this one is a lot more exciting to the tongue than your usual tacos. You usually won’t think of this to eat when nothing sounds good but now you’ve read it so go get it.


Who doesn’t love pizza? Yes, pizza can get boring, but not when there are so many toppings to choose from. You can try any outrageous topping that you can think of.


You can get flatbread at the store and eat it as it is or take it with anything you can think of; chicken, eggs, stew, and just about anything.

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A spoonful of Peanut Butter

Yes! Do it. Dip a spoon in a jar of peanut butter and eat it. It tastes great, it’s unusual, and it can get your taste buds working again.

Takeout or delivery can easily solve your problem of what to eat when nothing sounds good. Pick up the menu and order something you have never tried. It is ok to feel like this but you don’t have to starve because nothing sounds good.

Try any of the options above and leave a comment if you enjoyed it, and also if you didn’t.

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