Can You Make Hamburger Helper Without Milk?

If easy-to-make skillet meals are your thing, a Hamburger Helper might just be one of your go-to meals on those days you crave a portion of pasta or rice-based meal. 

Hamburger Helper has become such a well-loved household meal, and it can be prepared in just 30 minutes. 

The Hamburger Helper recipe requires that you add milk to give it that creamy texture and add a unique smack to the sauce. 

If you have dairy concerns, it may bother you that milk is one of the active ingredients of this savory dish. If you’re preparing Hamburger Helper and you find out you’re out of milk, don’t sweat it. 

It is very much possible to make Hamburger Helper without milk, and we’d be showing you how.

Can you make Hamburger helper without milk?

Yes, you very much can make Hamburger Helper without milk. Although milk gives the sauce a creamy texture, it is still pretty much possible to make Hamburger Helper with other milk alternatives. If you’re out of milk, no need to make a run to the store. Later in this post, we’ll outline some milk substitutes for your Hamburger Helper that you may already have in your kitchen. 

Can you make Hamburger Helper with butter instead of milk?

You can use butter instead of milk for your Hamburger Helper. With butter as a substitute for milk, you still get to enjoy the desired creamy flavor and texture. 

When making Hamburger Helper with butter, remember that butter is a bit salty, and so is a Hamburger helper, so you need to be careful of how much butter you use.

Here’s a recommended amount; add ¼ of a stick of butter to a pack of Hamburger Helper when you are done cooking.

Proportion it this way; for every cup of milk the recipe recommends, you add a cup of water and a teaspoon or a teaspoon and half of the butter. 

Can you use water as a substitute for milk to make Hamburger Helper?

No, Not really. If you use water and butter, you’re good to go, but using only water for your Hamburger Helper will not give the sauce that needed consistency. Instead, you can make a blend as aforementioned. 

Another way out is making a blend of evaporated milk and water in 50:50 proportions. This goes as well. 

Can you make Hamburger Helper with oat milk?

Definitely! Oat milk is a great alternative to milk if you have to make Hamburger Helper without milk. You can use any vegan milk as a substitute for milk. Vegan milk is just as great.

Here’s a look at our top 5 milk substitutes to use for your Hamburger Helper.

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Best Substitutes for Milk in Hamburger Helper? – Here Are Our 5 Best

Sour Cream

Adding sour cream to your Hamburger Helper will have you enjoying a denser, creamier, and slightly sour Hamburger Helper. It’s a good milk alternative, but since sour cream can thicken the Helper way too much, we recommend that you use it in moderation.

Whipping cream

If you are familiar with baking, then a whipping cream will not be new to you. Using whipping cream in place of milk for your Hamburger Helper will add a lot of creamy texture to the sauce. All you need to do is blend it with equal portions of water and add it to your sauce for a creamier texture.


When seeking an alternative, the goal is to use something that’ll give you a creamy taste and mayonnaise will do just that. Because of how thick this condiment is, three tablespoons of milk are equal to one tablespoon of mayonnaise. In case you have to use mayo in place of milk, you should consider this. Otherwise, you would be greeted with a helper that is too sour or too thick or even both.

Almond milk

For people with cholesterol and dairy concerns, this is the finest of milk substitutes to use in your Hamburger Helper. It is a non-dairy alternative if you can’t have dairy!

Also, if you are maintaining a vegan diet, this is the jackpot.

The texture of a Helper made with almond milk may not be as dense as its milk counterparts.

Hamburger helper made with almond milk is easy on the tongue and nutritious.

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Chicken stock

This is another non-dairy option if milk does not work for you. Stock can be prepared simply by boiling bones till they become tender. If you’re interested in that poultry flavor and a less-dense texture in your helper, this is for you.

Hamburger Helper is a quick way to get dinner on the table and the best part is you can make it with your preferred ingredients. 

Surely, milk gives the sauce a taste to remember but if you’re lactose intolerant, weight-watching, or simply willing to try out other recipes, I hope this article helps you explore other alternative recipes when preparing Hamburger Helpers. 

Minimal effort with the same maximum result!

By Luong Tan

Luong Tan, the creative and passionate founder of Bourbono, is a multi-talented individual with a deep love for the culinary arts. An accomplished food blogger, cookbook author, and former Ambassador of US cuisine in Vietnam (2015-2016), Luong has been on a mission to share his appreciation for food with the world.

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