Chili Garlic Sauce Vs Sriracha – The Main Difference

Sriracha has solidified its place as one of the most commonly known hot sauces used around the world. Before now, you’ve probably been hearing how much of a substitute chili garlic sauce is for sriracha. Even though these two can be easily alternated for one another and have similar looks, they are not exactly the same.

Some things really set them apart, some of which you may have noticed but didn’t exactly pay any attention to. From their individual tastes to their texture and, even their respective manufacturing process, there are prominent differences between these two. Little wonder why the chili garlic sauce vs sriracha discourse is common.

Chili Garlic Sauce vs Sriracha – The main difference

The main differences between Chili garlic sauce and sriracha involve their taste, texture, usage, and production process.

• Texture

Chili garlic sauce has a thicker and chunkier feel compared to sriracha which is smooth and less chunky.

• Taste

When it comes to the chili garlic sauce vs sriracha difference debate, their respective tastes pose a solid point. Chili garlic sauce is rather sharp and hot, there’s also a hint of garlic in it as well. Meanwhile, Sriracha gives a tangy-sweet, vinegar taste.

• Usage

Originally, Chili garlic sauce is more of an ingredient than a condiment while Sriracha is generically a condiment. Chili garlic sauce is not so useful as a condiment but performs better in sauces.

• Production Process

The production process is very ideal when having the Chili garlic sauce vs Sriracha discussion. During the production process, Chili garlic sauce is not made with sugar and is not fermented while Sriracha has sugar added to it and is fermented to give it its characteristic sour taste.

Is Chili garlic sauce hotter than Sriracha?

Mostly. Chili garlic sauce is hotter than Sriracha. A probable reason for this is because, in chili garlic sauce, the signature chili peppers and garlic give the sauce its center stage characteristic spiciness, unlike Sriracha which has a more zesty-sweet taste.

Is Chili garlic sauce bad for you?

Barely. But doesn’t every good thing have a bad side?

Chili garlic sauce may be high in sodium depending on the brand or serving size, and high sodium intake puts you at risk for high blood pressure, stroke, or heart disease.

For those with high blood pressure, stroke, or heart disease, a reduced serving of chili garlic sauce is a good idea. Also, if you are salt sensitive, you may want to tone it down a notch when eating chili garlic sauce.

The keyword here is moderation. Regardless, it can be a great addition to your cholesterol-free or low-calorie diet.

Is Chili Garlic Sauce spicy?

Yes, chili garlic sauce is spicy. Chili garlic sauce can sometimes have an overwhelming flavor. Some even describe this flavor as strong and direct. Chili garlic sauce is hot and sharp-flavored with an undertone of garlic in there. It also has a somewhat fresh taste that likely stems from the vinegar used to produce it.

Let’s talk a bit about why garlic chili sauce is spicy.

The main ingredient of this spicy sauce is coarsely ground jalapeno chili peppers.

When you add chili garlic sauce to your meal, expect enjoyable tings on your taste buds because that is what this sauce of Chinese/Vietnamese origin was meant for.

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Is Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce spicy?

Yes, it can be. Sweet chili garlic sauce can be spicy depending on the brand or how it is made at home.

Sweet chili garlic sauce has a flavor that tastes like a blend of chili and plum with a hint of garlicky flavor, which means that it has a sweetness that does not overshadow its fiery nature and subtle garlic taste.

This condiment is commonly made with red chili peppers (jalapenos, Thai, or Fresno chillun), rice wine vinegar, garlic, and sweetening ingredients such as refined sugar, honey, or fruit.

If you want to control the fieriness of your sweet chili garlic sauce, you may find that it is better to indulge in a little DIY session and make yours at home.

You can enjoy your sweet chili garlic sauce with:

Meatballs, grilled or battered shrimp, vegetables, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, spring rolls, egg rolls, wontons, steamed dumplings, fried or baked tofu nuggets, fried calamari, chicken/meat/seafood kebabs, fried rice, stir-fries, shrimp cakes, satay, sauce for burgers, salmon filet, potato salad, salad dressing, and toast.

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What is a good substitute for your chili garlic sauce?

Chili paste. Chili paste is an interesting alternative to your dishes as a base or condiment. Whether you are looking to enjoy the spiciness or a tingly sensation, chili paste is a good alternative route.

Other viable options include:

–           Harissa sauces

This sauce originating from northern Africa has an interesting, authentic flavor and aroma. It is a great substitute for chili garlic sauce. It works well as a marinade and a dip.

–           Sriracha

This somewhat similarly tasting sauce to chili garlic sauce also performs really well as a chili garlic sauce alternative, although its stronger fermented vinegar flavor sets it apart.

–           Black Bean Sauce

This sauce prides itself in its earthy, rich but excitingly fermented flavor. It is also known as doubanjiang. The rich flavor is what makes it such an interesting option in place of chili garlic sauce.

–           Regular hot sauce

Heavy on minimal effort, maximum results. This is the easiest alternative to chili garlic sauce. This is a simpler substitute that is mostly found in the kitchen.

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