What Does Peking Duck Taste Like?

With duck tagged as a meaty delicacy, Peking duck, a popular variety also tops the list by being a very tasty meal. It is a dish that is renowned for its crispy skin and equally succulent meat underneath that is tender as well as moist, the Peking duck is also remembered because of what it tastes like.

As a result of its popularity, it is present in the menu of many restaurants with its signature taste causing people to create different versions of it in the comfort of their homes. You might want to try out the Peking duck for yourself, and so it is only normal to wonder what it tastes like. This article would explain that fully.

What Does Peking Duck Taste Like?

Peking duck tastes sweet and savory with its crisp skin bringing a delicious smoky flavor that is surrounded by dissolving fat. The duck on its own is flavorful, it is then served with fermented bean sauce or hoisin sauce, pickles, scallions, and cucumber that are all placed into thin pancakes and eaten, this arrangement completes the palate of tastiness as there’s a sweet, salty and acidic component balancing the flavor of the meat. 

Is Peking Duck Sweet?

Yes, Peking duck is sweet, but it contains a host of other flavors too. As duck generally is gamey meat, it already has a tangy flavor which enhances the quality of the meat and only requires spices that would complement it during food preparation. 

Is Peking Duck Fatty?

Yes, Peking duck is fatty however the fat it contains is monosaturated which is a healthier form of fat and can be used as spreads for bread in the place of butter, used for grilled sandwiches, and to stir-fry vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, etc.

Peking duck also contains a high amount of protein than the usual meat, making it a better option when you want to reduce carbs in meat. Although, if you still want to lessen its fat content despite this, you can remove the skin of the duck and prepare it that way. Taking away the skin decreases the fattiness and calories present in the Peking duck. 

Does Peking Duck Taste Like Chicken?

No, Peking duck does not taste like chicken, it is also thicker and has more fat than regular poultry. Peking duck is of a flavor that is closer to red meat, for example, steak or liver rather than chicken, because it has a lot of fat so when it is cooked properly, the meat is tender and moist but when prepared wrongly, the meat is rubbery and has a chewy texture that is not pleasant to eat.

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Is Peking Duck Good or Bad For You?

Peking duck can be either good or bad for you, although it has more benefits than disadvantages, Peking duck can be good for you because duck contains a considerable amount of protein and less harmful fat when compared with other sources of poultry, it also contains vitamin B complex and minerals such as Iron, Zinc, Phosphorus, Copper, and Selenium which help to ensure the body works properly. Selenium helps increase the body’s immune response against bacteria and diseases.

The only notable drawback of the Peking duck that can make it bad for you is adding another high-calorie dish to the duck which would make the total level of calories present in it increase while choosing sides that would go with your Peking duck, this should also be put into consideration.

What to Serve with Peking Duck Breast?

Peking duck breast is located underneath the crispy skin of the duck and it is served with condiments such as Mandarin Pancake wrap or a steamed Chinese bao bun (tortilla wraps are used if none of these are available), other things that are used to serve this duck are Cucumber (the seeds are removed and it is thinly sliced), fresh, green onions or scallions, Crushed garlic mixed with olive oil to form a paste, Hoisin or Fermented soybean sauce and Pickles (optional). These condiments are arranged in the pancake alongside the Peking duck breast.

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How To Eat Peking Duck With Pancakes

First off, the pancake used to eat this duck are more like crepes, they have a very thin consistency and are flat. An easy homemade version of the pancake is prepared by adding flour and salt into a bowl that is heat resistant. Then add hot water to the bowl turning it until the dough forms, use a plastic covering on the top of your bowl and allow it to stay as it is for an hour. 

Mold the dough into balls after the hour has elapsed and dab the side facing the rolling board with oil. Level the dough balls with the rolling pin ensuring that they are all flat. Place a pan on low heat and put in the flat dough, flip to the other side after 30 seconds, continue this process until all your dough is used up.

The process of arranging the side ingredients in the pancake is done in the following steps:

  • Dip your slices of Peking duck in the fermented soybean sauce/ Hoison sauce
  • Place it at the bottom corner of your pancake
  • Add the pickles (optional) to the pancake
  • Place the sliced scallions on the duck and finally, the cucumber should be put on it.
  • To wrap your pancake, join the bottom and the top ends together
  • Then fold in the sides to make sure that everything inside the pancake is secure.
  • Your Peking duck with pancakes is ready!


When you finally eat a delicious serving of Peking duck, the taste will have you coming back for more. And because of its amazing flavors and how its side dishes complement the overall taste, Peking duck is an expensive meal in restaurants. It has also become a meal that people come to sample over and over again. Although duck and other birds are poultry, Peking duck is a preferred choice due to the trademark taste of its crispy skin and the various benefits it has on the body.

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