What Does Duck Breast and Fat Taste Like? Like Goose or Chicken?

I guess it’s easier to think that all the birds taste the same – chicken, goose, turkey, and even duck. What do you think duck breast would taste like? What if it’s not similar to the birds you’re already familiar with? They may not taste the same, but there are probably some similarities, who knows?

We do!

This article discusses all things duck, what they taste like, look like, feel like and their health benefits too. If you’ve ever tasted duck, then you probably know all this already. Otherwise, this one’s for you.

What Does Duck Breast Taste Like?

Duck breast has a strong, gamey, distinct flavor, and darker meat with a fatty, moist, rich, and tender taste. Ducks are more similar to a goose than chicken or turkey. They have tougher, juicier meat, firmer texture, and a mixture of sweet and savory. It is often compared to other birds in a way that makes it sound like the god of birds. The breed of duck is known to have a significant effect on the taste. British ducks have a more tender taste while French ducks have a stronger taste and a more colorful flavor.

Duck tastes great either on its own or cooked in any way or with any spices – whatever it might be, it always comes out great.

What Does Duck Meat Look Like?

Duck meat can look like both steak and chicken. It resembles steak more when it is precut before being cooked, its dark color and texture in this state is much similar to that of a stake. Its leg-thigh combo is more similar to chicken. Although it’s still darker and with a crunchier skin compared to chicken. Raw duck is most similar to chicken, although its meat is significantly darker.

 Duck Breast and Fat Taste

What Does Duck Fat Taste Like?

Duck fat gives a sweet, and creamy flavor with a soft and loose texture. It is used in a wide range of recipes mainly because of how delicious it is. It delivers a rich smoky bird flavor to anything it is cooked with. It is the main source of juiciness and distinct taste in duck meat. It is also one of the healthiest animal fats.

It contains monounsaturated fat and saturated fat that makes it stay stable when being cooked. You can either sear, roast, or fry duck fat. Adding duck fat to things like fries, popcorn, soups, potatoes, steak, broths or vegetables make a significant difference in the flavor.

What Does Duck Confit Taste Like?

Duck confit has a rich, mellow, and slightly salty flavor with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. The gentle cooking and the deliciousness of the fat make it more flavorful and tender. For those who don’t know, duck confit is cured duck cooked for hours in its own fat. It can either be done with the whole duck or just the legs. It can then be shredded and served with stews, bread, and salads

 Duck Breast and Fat

What Is the Texture of Duck?

Duck meat is juicy and dark with a tough, thick, and firm texture. A whole duck might not have as much meat as chicken or turkey – most of its meat is found on the breasts and legs. It is also fattier packing a very strong flavor. It can be used in many different dishes and its fat can be paired with a wide range of soups, stews, vegetables, and other meals.

Is Duck Breast Bad for You?

No, duck breast is not bad for you. Duck meat is a great source of iron, protein, zinc, and vitamins. Duck breast is not as fatty as chicken breast, the majority of duck fat is found in its skin and can be easily removed before cooking which would significantly reduce the presence of fat in it. It is certainly a healthier alternative when the fat is removed.

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Is It Ok to Eat Duck Breast Rare?

Yes, it is ok to eat duck breast rare because it does not have as much risk of salmonella as chicken does. This is due to the conditions in which ducks are typically raised and processed compared to chickens, they are less likely to be raised in dirty and unclean conditions, and hence, they are not easily exposed to salmonella. Duck is most commonly cooked medium rare or rare. However, it is not advisable to eat raw duck. There is still a high risk of food poisoning if it is eaten raw.

Is Duck Tastier Than Chicken?

Yes, duck is tastier than chicken. Compared to the taste of duck, chicken is average tasting. Duck has a deeper and richer taste, while Chicken has a lighter taste and neutral texture, much like turkey. Duck meat can be eaten on its own without a specific recipe, but chicken has to be properly spiced otherwise it might be quite bland. Duck is also reportedly healthier than chicken. It is a good source of iron, protein, zinc, and vitamins. And as fatty as duck meat can be, it still has much less fat than chicken and is a lot leaner.

raw duck breast

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Does Goose Taste Like Duck?

Goose meat is fattier, juicier, fuller, and sweeter than duck meat. It is like a mixture of chicken and duck meat. While duck meat is a mixture of sweet and savory, goose meat is mostly sweet. Goose meat is also softer, darker, and tenderer than duck meat. Goose is also bigger, has fewer bones and more fatty layers.


Hopefully, this article made you salivate just a little. If you were on the fence about trying out duck meat, we hope to have pushed you over the edge. When cooked properly, duck meat can taste amazingly better than chicken and turkey. Also, duck fat tastes even more delicious and when cooked with fries, it can be magical.

By Luong Tan

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