What Does Slug Taste Like? – What About Black Slug?

It can be quite fun and exciting to be curious enough to experiment with different kinds of food – either learning to cook them or just getting to taste them. Whatever it might be, we strongly recommend being careful about the things you experiment with. Some kinds of foods should be avoided at all costs or at least eaten with extreme care.

Slugs might be of particular interest if you’ve ever had snails. You might wonder what slugs taste like and if they’re safe to eat. Sit tight and read carefully – we will be discussing slugs, their taste, the countries that eat them, and their health effects on humans.

What does slug taste like?

Slugs are tasteless with a chewy and slimy texture. However, when properly cleaned and cooked, they can be delicious. They have a mucus coating with a taste that will make you wonder why you decided to eat a slug in the first place. But as unappealing as they might seem, they are reportedly rich in minerals and protein. There are also a few recipes that could improve their flavor and give them a satisfactory taste. They can be made to taste similar to snails, chicken, or calamari.

The only types of slugs that are edible are those found on land rather than in the sea and they would require a good amount of cleaning, purging, and cooking to get rid of their bitter-tasting mucus coating as well as all the fungi, feces, poisons and toxic mushrooms they must’ve ingested.

What Do Snails Taste Like?

Snails taste like a mixture of chicken or fish and mushrooms with a firm, rubbery and meaty texture. They can often be compared to mussels but unlike mussels which have a specific taste to them, snails soak up the taste and juices of the sauce they are cooked in. Not only are they delicious, but they also offer a good number of health benefits.

Are Slugs Poisonous If Eaten?

No, slugs are not poisonous when eaten if they are cleaned and cooked properly. The only types of slugs that are edible are those found on land rather than in the sea. The due process for those who choose to eat slugs is to clean them properly to get rid of their bitter-tasting mucus coating, get them to purge out all the nasty things they would’ve eaten, and then cook them thoroughly. Anything less and you might be dealing with meningitis.

You should also NEVER eat a slug alive. Not only is it disgusting, but you might end up in the hospital fighting for your life. Slugs can also be harmful to animals when ingested. The mucus coating could cause vomiting or excess drool and they could transfer rat lungworm into the animal.

Are Black Slugs Poisonous?

What Does Slug Taste Like? - What About Black Slug?

No, black slugs are not poisonous, but we do not recommend eating them. They might not be ordinarily harmful to humans, but they have a horrid taste and are a commonly known carrier of the French heartworm. Black slugs can grow up to 6 inches long and are typically black but have color variations ranging even to white.

What Happens If You Eat A Slug?

If the slug is properly cleaned, purged, and thoroughly cooked, then you just might have a tasty treat. Otherwise, you might contract meningitis and could become a vegetable, be in a coma for a very long time or you could die. You should never eat a raw slug even as a last resort.

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Can Humans Eat Slugs?

Yes, humans can eat slugs as long as they are found on land and not in the sea. They should also be properly cleaned, purged, and thoroughly cooked before consumption. Raw slugs could transfer a rat lungworm that would head straight for the human brain and cause severe brain damage or death.

Can You Eat Cooked Slugs?

Yes, you can eat cooked slugs. Cooked is the only way to eat slugs. They should be thoroughly cleaned, purged, and cooked before consumption. They should also be found on land and not in the sea. If you were to eat a raw slug, not only would you be irritated by the bitterness of its mucus coating, you would most likely be rushed to a hospital because of all the nasty things eaten by the slug that has now entered your body. You could also contract meningitis that could leave you in a hospital for years or dead.

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What Countries Eat Slugs?

Slugs and snails are most popular in Europe. Countries like China, Italy, and Brazil are known to have more people eating slugs than anywhere else. Countries like Indonesia, France, Nigeria, The Philippines, Morocco, Vietnam, India, and Spain have people enjoying snail-based recipes every day.


You might get a kick out of getting to know what slugs taste like – properly cooked ones at least. After reading this article, you should know to never even consider raw slugs. You can also try out snails if you’ve never had them, you would be pleasantly surprised.

By Luong Tan

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