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Can I Eat A Sandwich After Tooth Extraction?

When a tooth is extracted, the mouth and surrounding gums become extra sensitive, and additional care has to be taken regarding food that is to be consumed. Meals like soups, mashed potatoes, applesauce, and soft eggs are generally recommended, as the goal is to recover quickly without causing harm to the healing area.

While there’re multiple choices of foods to pick from, when a person undergoes oral surgery, those choices are greatly reduced. This is why before you can eat a sandwich after tooth extraction, enjoy your favorite burger or drink a tasty veggie smoothie, some things have to be considered.  

Can I Eat A Sandwich After Tooth Extraction?

No, a sandwich cannot be eaten after a tooth extraction, especially the first few days after the surgery. 

This is because sandwiches contain bread that can pull at the new stitches in the mouth as it requires you to chew and at the early period of recovery, this can cause more harm than good. Eating a sandwich would have to wait until some days after surgery when there is less risk of the stitches being pulled at and even then, only soft sandwiches are recommended.

When Can I Eat A Sandwich After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

The duration of healing from a wisdom tooth extraction is between four to six days. However, on the third day, soft sandwiches can be consumed, this is because the period during the first 24 hours is delicate and food that requires constant movement from the jaw at that moment is not advisable, instead stick to liquid and very soft foods such as warm broths, cooked cereals, etc. 

Can I Eat A Tuna Sandwich After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Yes, you can eat a tuna sandwich after wisdom tooth extraction, but not immediately after surgery. A tuna sandwich can be eaten on the third day after surgery because it is easy to chew and would not put additional stress on the healing area. A tuna sandwich is an example of a soft sandwich that can be consumed some days after tooth extraction.

Classic Grilled Cuban Sandwich with Roast Pork, Honey Ham, Swiss Cheese, Dill Pickles and Mustard

Can I Eat A Chicken Sandwich After Tooth Extraction?

No, you cannot eat a chicken sandwich after tooth extraction, this is because chicken sandwiches contain meat that would be tougher to munch on. Meats, in general, are not recommended to be consumed during the healing period following your tooth extraction, bits of chicken can lodge in hidden areas and can also cause a choking hazard. For safety reasons, chicken sandwiches should be excluded from your diet till after recovery. 

Can I Eat A Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich After Tooth Extraction?

Yes, you can eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich after tooth extraction, as long as the peanut butter is not the crunchy kind, it should have a smooth texture. Both peanut butter and jelly do not require heavy chewing, and so it is generally alright to consume, eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is safe on the third day following the tooth extraction.

Can I Eat Immediately After Tooth Extraction? 

Yes, you can eat immediately after tooth extraction, however, the food for the first 24 hours is limited to liquids and soft foods. Liquids should not be taken with a straw as this can injure the hole where the tooth was extracted from, soft foods to be consumed include; clear soups or broth without any hard chunks in it, pudding, protein shakes, soft cheese, and mashed potatoes to mention a few.

Ice cream and yogurt are also recommended. The coldness of the ice cream serves as a compress to the sore areas of the gum. However, if the person was sensitive to ice cream before the surgery, it is advisable not to consume it at all.

Types of Sandwiches You Can Eat After Tooth Extraction

The types of sandwiches to eat after tooth extraction are the soft ones and they include:

  • Tuna sandwiches
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 
  • Tuna salad sandwiches
  • Egg sandwiches
  • Avocado egg sandwiches 

You can change the ingredients of your sandwich for some variety; however, these ingredients should not be tough to eat. Sandwiches with ingredients like meat and chewy proteins should be excluded until the area surrounding the tooth is healed.

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Three healthy vegetarian sandwich's on a rustic wood background. Sandwich's are on multigrain bread with roasted red pepper hummus , radish's ,cucumber , pea shoots and avocado.

Types of Food to Avoid After Tooth Extraction

The types of food to avoid after tooth extraction are mostly foods that have a high risk of causing stress to the mouth while it is being consumed. These foods can stick to the area where the tooth was extracted and cause further complications. Some examples of these are:

  • Thick pieces of bread such as muffins, bagels 
  • Spicy foods that can cause intense pain in the tooth area
  • Snacks that are crunchy such as crackers, popcorn, dried nuts, etc.
  • Tough proteins e.g., Chicken, beef, pork, etc.

The food can enter the healing holes where the tooth has been extracted and end up increasing the time for recovery. This is why they should be avoided after tooth extraction.

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While you might be in a hurry to eat a sandwich after your tooth extraction, a little patience is required so as not to delay the time for the healing of the affected area. Allow yourself time to recover before resuming your normal diet. To help with this transition, it is advisable to fill your pantry with your new food choices pending when a full recovery is made.

And although the options are limited, there are still many dishes to experiment with that will not cause pain to the site of extraction, the key is to avoid the ones that would cause harm to you while eating. Soft sandwiches can be eaten on the third day after the tooth extraction and as time goes on, normal solid food would be.

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