Mix Different Brands Of Oil: The Perfect Method

Many homemade kitchen experts feel it’s right to mix different types of edible. However, as per health experts and scientists, it is never good to mix two different types of edible oil. So, the answer to questions like can you mix different brands of oil is simply yes. In some circumstances, you can mix two different types of oils. But, take note that not all types of oils should be mixed.

Many people mix edible oils regularly. For example, you might be trying to deep fry something and suddenly realize that you are out of oil for frying. This is where the concept of mixing two different oils comes into the picture. Mixing oils is a common practice, but you must ensure a few precautions to avoid any side effects on your health.

Types Of Oils Are Safe To Mix

can you mix different brands of oil
different brands of oil

Generally, mixing oil is not recommended due to its negative effects on the human body. However, a few mixing tips for oils can help you minimize the damage to an optimal level. The commonly used vegetable oil is a mixture of different oils in itself. If you are using this mixed breed of vegetable oil, you can mix these oils with it.

  • Canola
  • Sunflower
  • Corn
  • Safflower

The principle behind mixing oils is simple. You just have to constantly watch how much oil each part of food is absorbing while frying or baking any type of dish. You must never go high as this will lead to fire accidents and explosions.

Mix Different Types Of Edible Oils Benefits

There are many reasons why people mix different types of edible oils. Some mix them to make more turns and use the same oil. The other use is to receive a better oil quality for frying and preparing your food. To make it simpler, here are some common reasons why you should never mix two different edible oils.

Mixing The Wrong Type Of Oil

If you are mixing the wrong type of oil, then what you get may not be at all usable. For example, olive oil can never be used to fry vegetables and can only be used as alternative cooking oil to sauté meat or fish. Also, coconut oil should never be used for frying food.

Not Knowing The Proper Uses Of Oils

Yes, people still mix the wrong type of edible oil, but that is because they do not know the exact uses of each type of edible oil. Therefore, you may have a harmful result if you mix the wrong type of edible oil with a different kind of edible oil in your concern.

Mixing Two Incompatible Oils

Do not mix two types of edible oils that are not compatible. For example, mixing butter and vegetable oil is never a good idea. The same goes when mixing coconut oil and canola oil. Not all oils are fit for mixing. Therefore make sure you check the compatibility of different oils before mixing.

Considering all precautions and health benefits of consuming different types of edible oils, you must understand each type of oil’s purpose.

Mix Different Brands Of Oil Method

Can You Mix Different Brands Of Oil

People sometimes mix the oil of different brands. Some people prefer to use cheaper oil such as canola or corn oil because they are not aware that these oils are not the same. Both canola and corn have a high amount of omega-3 fatty acid content.

Other than the essential fatty acids, these oils also have vitamin E content which is beneficial for your health. The most simple explanation to queries like can you mix different brands of oil is yes; you can if you know which oils to mix. It is best to know about the edible oils you are using before mixing them with other common edible oils.

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The mixed oils are not at all effective for your health. They are also not popular among the food experts and gourmets. So, you probably should avoid mixing two different types of edible oils in your kitchen. But, yes, you may be using cheaper oils, and they might be similar to those you mix in your kitchen.

However, this is not the best way to go further with your food. It is better to use high-purity oil than mix it with a variety of lower-grade oil in quality, as it is healthier and more delicious for cooking purposes.

Mixed oils lose their taste if cooked over high heat that may cause smoke or even a fire accident when exposed to an open flame. Therefore, it is best to use high-quality oil for cooking your food, and you should never mix two types of edible oils.

The Drawback When You Mix Cheap Quality Oils

What Happens When You Mix Cheap Quality Oils?
Cheap Quality Oils

If you mix two different oils in your concern, you might end up with a more inferior product. For example, if you are using olive oil to fry your fish and fry the same fish using sunflower oil, it may not come out as good as you started it out. Therefore, it is better to avoid mixing low-grade oils in your kitchen.

Depending on the kinds of oils you are using, there are different answers can you mix different brands of oil. Always read the reviews of particular oil before blending them in a blend with other edible oils. Do not use blended oil for deep frying as it may lead to fume explosion and fire due to high temperature. These pans are made with sheet metal and are extremely flammable.

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If you mix different kinds of edible oils or use oils of low quality, then you might end up with a highly explosive mixture. What happens when you put two different types of oil on high heat is the production of smoke which can be highly toxic for your health.

The smoke does not just come from the food items and the burning of different types of oils present in food items such as butter and oil. So, if you are using several different types of low-grade edible oils, then there is a high possibility that your food can cause a fume fire explosion.

The mixed edible oil is not beneficial for health and should be avoided. It can also ruin or weaken the ability of particular oil to deliver its powerful health benefits. Knowing the different types of edible oils makes it easier to prepare your foods without worrying about the outcome. 

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