Can I eat Oreos with braces?

You can eat Oreos with braces, but it would be best to soften the cookie with milk before you bite into it or you could damage your braces.

Oreos are a delicious snack and it would be torture to ask anyone to stay off Oreos for any amount of time. This is why a popular question at the orthodontist’s is if it’s ok to eat Oreos with braces? However, when you get braces, you have a responsibility to protect them, and unfortunately, that means you have to stay away from some things you like, including Oreos, unless of course, you dunk them in milk.

Can I eat Oreos with Braces?

No, you shouldn’t. Hard cookies like Oreos can bend the wires of your bracelet and pop off brackets, prolonging your ordeal with the braces. So, while Oreos are great and you’re craving them very much, you are better off leaving them on the shelf until your braces come off. This might seem like a very long time but it is even longer when you have to go back to the orthodontist halfway through your treatment because your braces are damaged.

Can I eat cookies with braces?

Yes, you can eat cookies with braces, but you can only eat soft cookies. You need to stay away from hard cookies like Oreos and almost every brand of store-bought cookie, even the chocolate chip ones you love. You can only eat soft cookies or eat hard cookies dipped in milk to soften them.

Hard cookies can damage your braces and send you back to the orthodontist to start over. So, yes, you can eat cookies with braces but you have to be sure they are soft cookies.

What type of cookies can you eat with braces?

You can eat soft cookies with braces, and in fact, you can eat most types of cookies as long as they are baked soft. If you are having trouble finding soft cookies you can enjoy, there’s an easy way to bake cookies that are usually hard in a way that they come out of the oven soft and nice.

You can bake any kind of cookies even if they are usually hard, and you can make them soft by simply adding more butter and milk than sugar. This makes the dough lighter and the cookies softer and crumblier when baked. You can make almost any cookie this way. Of course, make sure that you do not bake your cookies with nuts because the butter and milk softening treatment won’t make the nuts in your cookies any softer than they are.

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What sweets can you eat when you have braces?

You can eat many kinds of sweets with braces. You can eat all kinds of chocolates as long as they are soft, not hard chocolate, and definitely not frozen chocolate. You can also eat a peanut butter cup with braces because this won’t pose any trouble for your braces.

Hard candies like lollipops and caramelized candies are safe if you are only going to suck on them. Do not chew on hard candies when you have braces on.

Jelly beans, gummy bears, and all other sticky sweets are bad for you when you have braces on. sticky sweets can stick to your braces and refuse to be cleaned off, but even worse, they can rip off the brackets from your teeth, twist the wires, and hurt your teeth. Stay away from sticky sweets while you have braces on no matter how soft they seem.

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What junk food can I eat with braces?

You can have marshmallows, ice cream, or yogurt without the nutty or chewy toppings, Doritos and similar chips, cheese puffs, soft pretzels, pizza (as long as it is not thin crust pizza), and creamy nut butter. Be sure to take your questions, like can I eat Oreos with braces, to your orthodontist to be sure what you can or cannot eat.


Living with braces can be hard, but if you are careful and take good care of your teeth by cleaning them regularly and watching what you eat while undergoing the alignment treatment, your ordeal will soon be over. Don’t eat carelessly when you have braces on, or you could be prolonging your treatment. Just avoid hard foods, chewy foods, and food that tends to get stuck in your teeth.

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