Can I Eat Chicken Nuggets with Braces?

Mealtime with braces can sometimes be daunting especially when you want to satisfy those hankering cravings.

Those times when it feels like those crispy coated nuggets will go just right then you remember you have braces can be a real bummer. We’re here to let you know that there are some fast foods you can eat with braces, and chicken nuggets are one of them. It’s okay to eat chicken nuggets with braces, but make sure to ask your orthodontist first. 

If you have to eat chicken nuggets with braces, all you have to do is cut the nuggets into smaller pieces for easier chewing, chew slowly, and be sure to rinse your mouth and floss afterward. Also, make sure the nuggets are soft if you must eat chicken nuggets with braces on. 

Can I Eat Chicken Nuggets with Braces?

Sure, you can eat chicken nuggets with braces. Including chicken nuggets in your diet when you have braces on can cause potential problems for your braces and your teeth if you don’t take proper precautions.

However, if you’re interested in eating chicken nuggets with braces, you should make sure the nuggets are soft and cut into bite-sized pieces. You should endeavor to chew slowly and with less pressure. When you finish, it will pay you to floss and rinse your mouth to get rid of any leftovers that may be stuck in your braces or on your teeth. 

Brushing twice a day is another very important preventive measure for your dental health and the health of your braces. 

Can I Eat Fried Chicken with Braces?

Yes, you can eat fried chicken with braces. There’s a but, though. If you must eat fried chicken with braces, you should only eat boneless and easily chewable chicken. 

You should not eat chicken recipes that include sticky, hard, and crunchy ingredients as they can cause damage to your braces.

Chicken Nuggets

Can I Eat Chicken Tenders with Braces?

Yes, but you may want to avoid the crispy ones. You can enjoy chicken tenders with braces, but they shouldn’t be crispy. You should also cut the tenders into bite-sized pieces for easy chewing, and when you’re done eating, you should remember to floss and rinse your mouth. 

Can You Eat Chicken with Braces?

Definitely, but here’s what you should know. Eating chicken that has bones will cause more harm and no good to the health of your braces. Eating a chicken wing with braces on will have you risking snapping off a bracket. Rather, choose a lean and tender piece of boneless chicken and cut it into smaller pieces before eating. 

In as much as chicken is on the menu for you if you have braces on, there are still some meals you should avoid. Here’s your ultimate do-not-eat list.

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What Can I Not Eat with Braces?

  • 1. Foods that need you to bite into them, foods like carrots, apples, corn on the cob.
  • 2. Hard/raw vegetables like raw celery, raw beets, raw cabbage. 
  • 3. Crunchy foods like ice, popcorn, chips.
  • 4. Hard foods like hard tacos, and hard candy.
  • 5. Sticky foods such as chewing gum, caramel popcorn, or candy.
  • 6. Chewy foods like bagels.
  • 7. Foods with crusts like bread, and pizza.
  • 8. Hard meats and meats with bone such as ribs or chicken wings.

The goal is to eat as many soft foods that don’t require much chewing as possible so you don’t go back to your orthodontist with damaged braces. 

The period right after getting braces is critical, the discomfort looks like it may be here to stay, and what could you possibly eat with your mouth feeling so sore?

Just in case you just got braces and you’re curious as to what food options are available for you, here are some post-brace food ideas that would do you so much good:

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What to eat after getting braces

  1. Soups.
  2. Bread like soft tortillas, muffins, and pancakes.
  3. Grains such as oatmeal, pasta, and rice.
  4. Soft fruits like bananas.
  5. Meats – tender cooked meats, chicken, lunch meat, meatballs, and seafood.
  6. Eggs – scrambled eggs.
  7. Soft vegetables like steamed vegetables, beans, and mashed potatoes.
  8. Dairy such as soft cheeses, yogurt, smoothies, and pudding.
  9. Desserts like soft cakes, jello, ice cream, and milkshakes. 

Even though chicken nuggets seem to be a safe option for you if you have braces, because it is battered, it can still cause potential problems for your braces if eaten wrongly. 

You need to follow certain steps to avoid stressing your braces and causing damage to it. Here’s how to safely eat chicken nuggets with braces.

How To Eat Chicken Nuggets With Braces

  1. Make sure the chicken is soft and boneless as this will be easier to chew and will require less chewing pressure.
  2. Ensure that the recipe does not have any sticky ingredients because this can stick to your wires and in between your teeth and cause problems. 
  3. Cut your chicken into bite-sized pieces so that you don’t have to chew so widely as this can break your rubbers or elastic that holds your braces together.
  4. Remember to chew slowly because chewing fast can break your brackets.
  5. Floss and rinse you mouth right after.
  6. Always brush twice a day.
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