What can I use instead of an immersion blender if I wouldn’t like to use it

What can I use instead of an immersion blender? This is a confusing question for housewives. They consider the convenience, price, and function that the machine offers and whether it is better than a regular blender. Let’s Bourbon O dig deeper with the article.

What can I use instead of an immersion blender is a normal blender, can’t it

Normal blender advantages and disadvantages


  • What can I use instead of an immersion blender? As you may be aware, a regular blender can ground a range of items, including fruit, seeds, meat, eggs, mix foods, chopping/puree to produce oatmeal and soup from various other vegetables. Foods that are too hard for an immersion blender can’t be dealt with.
  • What I can use instead of an immersion blender is a larger blender because I won’t blend too much time. I can make delicious smoothies for the whole family quickly.
  • The cost of the blender is also affordable, with a variety of brands from high-end to affordable for users to choose from.
Ninja Blender 1100-watt
Ninja Blender 1100-watt


  • The blender consists of a base, mortars, and specialized blades that are cumbersome to use and move. So I think it isn’t suitable for traveling like an immersion blender.
  • What I can use instead of an immersion blender is a normal blender, which has cons. For instance, cleaning the blender also takes a long time because the food sticks to the blade, the wall of the mortar, and the bottom of the mortar; the parts need to be disassembled for cleaning.
  • The fineness of food ground with a blender is not as good as an immersion blender.
Nutri Ninja blender with Freshvac technology
Nutri Ninja blender with Freshvac technology

Pros and cons of immersion blenders


  • The immersion blender is designed to be compact in use and convenient to move.
  • No need to use specialized blenders, but you can blend eatables directly in bowls, cups, cups, and pots… with a small amount without worrying about them sticking to the wall or bottom of the blender cup.
  • Simple to use: I can put the hand blender’s head in the food cup, press the button, and puree as I want without changing any other tools.
  • Aliment pureed with an immersion blender is finer than a regular blender. I can mix porridge, soup for children or quickly grind cereals and other edibles for cooking.
  • Cleaning an immersion blender is also simpler and faster because I don’t have to instead of apparatus.
An immersion blender
An immersion blender


The cost of an immersion blender is quite high compared to blenders; the average price is also about 600-1 million/1 machine.

An immersion blender is mainly used to puree foods and is usually soft or watery comestibles. To adjust the coarseness and fineness of the provender, I will need to choose a multi-function hand blender or replace it with a blender.

Instead of an immersion blender

Assessing the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of blenders above, you can give yourself an appropriate use instead of depending on one choice type.

Blenders and immersion blenders sometimes offer separate benefits, too.

When you want to blend a small amount of food quickly, what can I use instead of an immersion blender is a normal blender because it will be faster.

To prepare refreshing smoothies for the family or mix tough raw provenders, a blender is a suitable choice.

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Selection criteria

  1. wattage

Blender: 300 – 900 W

Immersion blender: 550 – 700 W

2. Material of mill

Blender: Plastic, glass

Immersion blender: Plastic

3. Grind small ice cubes and grind meat, small fish without bones:

Both types of mills can be used and can be used instead in many cases

4. Stir eggs

Blender: Yes

Immersion blenders: No

5. Blend hot food such as porridge and soup.

Blender: No, if you blend it, it is easy to damage the rubber seal in the machine and break the mill

Immersion blender: Yes (Models with metal mill handle)

6. Use and storage space

Blender: Doesn’t take up too much space but is still bulkier than a hand blender

Immersion blender: Compact, when used in hand, so it does not take up much space, can be taken for travel. You can mix a small amount of aliment and grind it in cups and bowls…

7. Quality of food after grinding

Blender: Not as smooth as hand blenders in the same price range

Immersion blender: Finely ground edibles, finer than a desktop blender, in the same price range

8. Cleaning and installation:

Blender: Few parts, quick cleaning installation

Immersion blender: Cleaning is very simple because just clean the blade part on the blender

9. Cost:

Blender: 300,000 – 3 million VND

Immersion blender: 750,000 – 2.4 million VND

Buying a handheld or desktop blender

What can I use instead of an immersion blender? Answer to this question.

If you simply want to buy a blender to grind fruits and dry foods such as pepper and spices… then you should choose a desktop blender. Or, if you have a business selling smoothies, you should choose a desktop machine because the blender can handle a large amount of food simultaneously. In addition, the price of the desktop blender ranges from a few hundred thousand, so it is suitable for many users, single people, students staying… Desktop blenders can be hands-free quickly because they just press the button to grind themselves.

A hand blender is suitable when you want to get a smooth, delicious, multi-function smoothie that can blend smoothies, grind seeds… and even beat eggs. Hand blenders are also suitable for families with small children because they can grind hot porridge or soup for babies. In addition, the machine is very easy to clean, does not take up much space, and can be taken for travel or work away from home. When grinding with a handheld machine, you have to press the button while holding the machine, and it will be more tiring than a desktop machine.

Besides, for families with young children, you can choose to buy a hand blender because of its convenience, ease of pureeing baby food, and cleaning is also quick and simple. As for families with more people, you can use a regular blender with more outstanding functions. Choosing and using a blender properly will help you save a lot of time and prepare more delicious food for the whole family.

Through this article, Bourbon O hopes you have a clearer view and make better choices for yourself.

By Luong Tan

Luong Tan, the creative and passionate founder of Bourbono, is a multi-talented individual with a deep love for the culinary arts. An accomplished food blogger, cookbook author, and former Ambassador of US cuisine in Vietnam (2015-2016), Luong has been on a mission to share his appreciation for food with the world.

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