Should We Buy a Food Mill or Blender: Detailed Comparison

With the popularity of meat grinders today, many homemakers also wonder whether to use a food mill or a blender, which is appropriate and cost-effective. Let’s Bourbon O dig deeper together.

Features: food mill and blender

Food mill

A mill food, compared to a blender, is special in that mill food is a specialized machine for grinding meat, typically pork, chicken, shrimp, crab, fish, etc. Mill food usually operates with large capacity and high speed.

The function of grinding, mincing, even, smooth, and puree of meats and meat-related foods is also quite good, meeting the requirements of convenient and safe use.

Mill food is often used to grind meat for children, grind meat to make spring rolls, make spring rolls because the machine’s feature is that it can be pureed, smooth and fast, doesn’t take much time, and can also grind obtain other ingredients such as vegetables and fruits to make porridge or baby food and daily dishes for the family.

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Mill food advantages and downsides


  • There are many attractive dishes made from ground meat such as cooking soup, bean hill meat, rolls with guise leaves, spring rolls, spring rolls, spring rolls, sprouts, or sausages… So these functions are not as powerful compared to a mill of Food and a blender.
  • Save more time instead of mincing meat by hand, which will be very time-consuming and uneven.
  • Ensure safety and hygiene because pre-ground meat in the market is not assured about food hygiene and safety
  • A hand-held meat grinder is quite cheap and saves electricity.
  • A versatile meat grinder with a large capacity, beautiful design, and many functions not only grinds meat but also grinds many other foods.
  • Specialized meat grinders have sharp, sharp blades with very high hardness, so the meat grinding speed is also faster.
Should we buy a food mill or a blender
food mill


  • The capacity is small, so it can only grind a little. If you want to use it in business, you must use an industrial meat grinder.
  • A manual meat grinder takes a lot of time and effort. The ground meat is not guaranteed to be even, small …
  • Two types of machines are a mill food and a blender. The versatile and specialized mill food has a relatively high price.
  • The capacity of the multifunction meat grinder is also quite large, so it consumes electricity.



  • Save time and effort in the kitchen: you will have to spend a lot of time stabbing, pounding, and mincing Food if you do not use a blender.
  • Easy and convenient: at the same time, you can do many dishes in addition to blending smoothies, grinding vegetables and fruits. You can also use other functions such as whisking eggs, squeezing oranges, grinding vegetables, seeds…
  • The hand blender has a compact, portable design that does not take up much kitchen space when in use. Easy to move from one location to another.
  • Simple and easy to use with one or several buttons
  • Most blenders and hand blenders have a safety system that automatically cuts off power in the event of a problem.
  • The versatile blender can also grind meat and other foods.
A blender
A blender


  • The design is a bit big. It is not convenient to move much, especially when traveling; Food is wrapped in the blade, the wall of the mortar is quite costly and difficult to clean (normal blender and multi-purpose blender)
  • The cost is higher than the single-function blender. A bit cumbersome. Many parts should take up a lot of space and take a long time to clean (multi-purpose blender)
  • The capacity is usually quite small; grinding meats often takes a long time
  • The large capacity means cleaning will also take longer

A mill food or a multifunction blender

Compare a mill of food and a blender

Each type of grinder has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the needs of users. If you want to grind many types of meat to serve the needs of cooking and taking care of children, you should choose a meat grinder because this type of machine is both cheap and the ability to grind meat is extremely good. If your needs are only to grind fruit juices, nuts, and spices and do not have much need for grinding meat, you should choose a blender with a large capacity.

Should you buy a mill food or a blender?

In my opinion, to be able to both grind fruit to make smoothies and grind meat, a multi-function blender is a perfect choice. You will not have to consider whether to buy a mill food or a blender They can still grind fruits and nuts quickly with the large capacity grinder and add the function of grinding meat with the smaller capacity jars. Although this type of blender is a bit more expensive than a regular blender, it is much more convenient, you will not have to buy 2 different blenders that are both time-consuming, expensive, and cumbersome. If it takes time to clean but still can grind meat, a multi-function blender is an option that you should consider.

mill food
Mill food

Types of blenders

Versatile Osaka Blender

The versatile Osaka blender has the latest design with completely high-quality virgin plastic material that is durable, impact-resistant, and non-toxic. The product has a modern design that is easy to clean. The OSAKA multi-function blender can grind a variety of foods such as vegetables, meat, fish. Blending smoothies, grinding meat to make stir-fries are all great. 350W motor is equipped with an automatic disconnection relay when overheating, Child Safety latches, modern EMC anti-ignition system. The 2-stage knife system helps the grinder to have high performance. It has the same function as a mill food and a blender.

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Versatile Osaka Blender
Versatile Osaka Blender

Silver multi-function blender

The silver multi-function blender is creatively designed with cooling fan blades on both sides of the body to help cool the motor, operate stably, continuously, and prolong the life of the machine. The jar is made of durable Polycarbonate plastic, good heat resistance, impact resistance, and BPA free, safe for health. The ultra-durable Japanese stainless steel 6-blade knife set meets all needs from grinding dry ingredients to hard ingredients like ice, and won’t stick to ingredients when grinding at the bottom of the mortar. Easy control buttons: blend, knead ingredients easily thanks to the Pulse button. Working power with a 3000W motor and a capacity of up to 3 liters can meet all the requirements of beverage shop owners with continuous grinding needs.

Silver multi-function blender
Silver multi-function blender

Thanks for reading on Bourbon O hope you have the correct choice for your kitchen utensils.

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