Can I Blend The Hot Soup In Ninja Blender: Using Blender Guide

Choosing an ideal device for your demands and utilities is essential. Ninja machine is a helpful tool to support the process of making meals quickly and deliciously. Especially for those with small children when mothers struggle with cooking hot soup, Ninja can help solve it quickly. Let’s Bourbon O learn how to use this machine in cooking, especially blending hot soup.

Ninja Mega Blender
Ninja Mega Blender

Can I blend the hot soup in my ninja blender

Is it okay to cook hot food? You can still grind, but to be safe, you should leave the food for at least 10 minutes after cooking. Let the food cool down, pour in the hot soup and start grinding. Because if you put hot soup right in with the powerful engine of the machine plus the blade, it will cause huge pressure. If unfortunately, the lid comes off, you risk getting burned. Remember to close the lid tightly, if waterfalls on the machine, wipe it clean and keep the cord away from water.

Notes to help the ninja blender last for a long time, the safest

  • The whole carrot should not be put in to grind but must be chopped and the same goes for other hard foods.
  • The hard shells of the seeds and the frosting of the flesh also do not enter the ninja
  • Stay away from machines with easy-to-rust blades.
  • Do not pour food over the maximum line
  • Do not leave the device near children
  • The knife did not stop spinning and did not lift the mortar.
  • When the machine is hot, you should let the machine rest for a while before continuing to grind to prevent the machine from burning
  • Do not put hard objects such as chopsticks, then insert the knife while grinding the blender.

Reasons you should Blend The Hot Soup In Ninja Blender

Nutri Ninja blender
Nutri Ninja blender

Ninja Blender is a product line from a high-end brand that offers the best user experience. Conventional blenders only work at 2,000 to 12,000 rpm. However Ninja Blender can operate strongly with more than 100,000 rpm.

Accordingly, the higher the number of revolutions, the more favorable it is to mix the liquid with air bubbles. During the active rotations, more air is hit into the mixture. This principle will be essential for making smoothies and hot sauces with lots of solid, hard ingredients on the blade.

Therefore, to make hot sauces or fruits, the need for the power of Ninja Blender is extremely effective. Because with these dishes will need a lot of food that sometimes it is not really necessary. Besides, this series is also a revolutionary new way to cook everyday family meals.

This product line does not stop at being fully equipped with the basic features of a standard blender. What’s more, it also has a heating element for the purpose of handling hard or cooked foods right after grinding.

Besides, the tamper included in this premium blender also allows you to add more liquid for a perfect pour. For the preparation of most hot sauce recipes, this feature is a big plus. Because then you can absolutely add more liquid than the original until it reaches the texture people expect to eat.

Cooking your own sauces at home doesn’t simply save you money when you buy them out. But at the same time it can also ensure the health of the family. Because then you have eliminated potential chemical additives such as bisphenol A that are harmful to health. Then you can control which ingredients should be added to the juice instead of those unhealthy substances.

Besides, you are completely free to add your favorite ingredients during the preparation process.

Advantages of the Ninja blender

Ninja is a brand specializing in the production of home appliances. The most prominent of which is the Ninja blender. This is because they possess many outstanding outstanding advantages.

One of the attractions that many players love is an extremely strong, solid design. The design is very modern and luxurious, definitely contributing to the beauty of the kitchen space. Besides the Ninja blenders with mechanical control knobs, there are also many products with electronic buttons.

Along with that, there are many different flexible features that help people prepare many different dishes. Users only need to press the button to grind ingredients to get the blender to operate easily and conveniently. In addition, you can also preset the grinding programs so that the machine can work.

The machine is made of many high-quality materials to ensure the safety of users. The machine is designed with 4 grinders included to grind different foods. Each ingredient is BPA-free and designed to be safe. Can be cleaned with dish soap.

Ninja’s blender also conquers customers by its large operating capacity of up to 1,000 Watts. Along with that is a system of multiple blades stacked on top of each other. Thereby, making it easier to grind food. In addition to soft foods, the blender can also grind solid foods and even grind ice.


Before using you need to note the following issues:

  • Make sure the blender is plugged in when grinding.
  • Do not press the blender when there is no food inside.
  • Install the stacked blades carefully to prevent the blades from bouncing off when grinding food.
  • When buying the machine, it is necessary to clean and remove all labels. Each part should be cleaned with hot water.

In the process of using the Ninja blender, to ensure safety and ensure the longevity of the product, please note a few issues as follows:

  • Do not grind too much of the food because it may spill out.
  • With dry ingredients, it is quite difficult to grind, so you need to add a little water.
  • Do not put your hands inside the bowl while the blender is running.
  • Hold in place during food grinding to prevent breakage when grinding.
  • Do not operate the blender on hot surfaces.
  • Do not use the blender continuously for a long time.
  • For machines with large capacity, people should not grind ice during cleaning.

Remember to pocket the notes when using the machine and refer to the types of machines to use or not to ensure the durability of the blender and your own safety. Bourbon O  hopes the above information will be useful to you!

By Luong Tan

Luong Tan, the creative and passionate founder of Bourbono, is a multi-talented individual with a deep love for the culinary arts. An accomplished food blogger, cookbook author, and former Ambassador of US cuisine in Vietnam (2015-2016), Luong has been on a mission to share his appreciation for food with the world.

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