Patti Labelle Banana Pudding recipe – Easy and tasty dessert

Patti Labelle Banana Pudding Introduction

Patti Labelle Banana Pudding recipe is easy to make at home as you can find most of the ingredients in your kitchen. It’s a yummy dessert with a light taste of vanilla, creaminess and sweetness all blend well together, creating a perfectly balanced flavor that makes it hard to resist. Below are the full instructions if you’re eager to know more about this delicious banana pudding.

Banana pudding is a recipe so classic that every housewife would know. But sometimes we just completely forget about it. It’s a simple yet tasty dish, which is made by using banana flavored instant pudding powder or adding fresh bananas to a vanilla pudding. As for Patti Labelle Banana Pudding, this dish is a combination of homemade banana pudding. Along with the addition of vanilla wafer cookies and cool whip layers.

Give this Patti Labelle Banana Pudding a try and it’ll have you amazed
Give this Patti Labelle Banana Pudding a try and it’ll have you amazed

Useful tips for Patti Labelle Banana Pudding recipe

Choosing the right serving bowl

Patti Labelle Banana Pudding is a quite simple dish to make. That being said, you shouldn’t just randomly choose any container that you can get. If you go with a fancier, nicer serving bowl, your overall presentation of the dish will be way more elegant.

To give the dish extra texture, you can try crumbling up some cookies and scatter over the top of the pudding. This will make the serving bowl look even more cute and eye-catching. You might want to add the cookie crumbles right before you serve the dish. This will prevent the cookies from getting soggy and less tasty. You can also add some chocolate chips, nuts, cinnamon… to make the banana pudding tastier.

You can slightly alter the Patti Labelle Banana Pudding recipe by adding some cookie crumbles
You can slightly alter the Patti Labelle Banana Pudding recipe by adding some cookie crumbles

Use fresh bananas

Don’t forget to use some fresh sliced bananas to top your serving bowls. This will not only add more flavor to the dish, but also make your pudding look much more appealing. But remember to slice the bananas and arrange them on top of the pudding just a few minutes before consumption. Because peeled bananas will brown quickly when left outside for too long. Otherwise, make sure to wrap the banana slices tightly with tin foil or plastic wrap and refrigerate.

Notes: The bananas should not only be fresh but also ripe enough to eat. The riper the bananas are, the more delicious they’ll taste when you add them into your pudding.

Choose the most delicious bananas Guide

Should choose bananas that are not ripe in color (with yellow and green fruits) and have dark pink or black spots.

Do not choose the ripe fruit, the skin is dark yellow.

Natural ripe bananas will have a yellow stem and body. Besides, if you see the stem is green but the fruit is ripe yellow, you should not choose to buy it because it has definitely been soaked in chemicals by the seller.

Ripe bananas will have a natural aroma and sweetness, soft evenly. Chemically impregnated bananas when eaten will be slightly stiff, hard, acrid and sour.

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Top your servings with fresh whipped cream

It’s difficult to surpass the taste of fresh whipped cream. Top the banana pudding with a dollop of fresh whipped cream to give it an extra flair. You’ll be surprised to know how big of a difference it can make.

Step by step Patti Labelle Banana Pudding recipe


  • Medium bananas (3 pieces)
  • Vanilla wafer cookies (36 pieces)
  • Heavy cream (2 cups)
  • Instant vanilla pudding powder (1 package)
  • Cold water (1 1/2 cup)
  • Sweetened condensed milk (1 can, about 14 oz)


Step 1: In a large bowl, whisk together water and condensed milk. Whisk in vanilla pudding powder until well combined (about 2 minutes). Chill the mixture for 5 minutes.

Whisk together water and condensed milk then add vanilla pudding powder
Whisk together water and condensed milk then add vanilla pudding powder

Step 2: Pour 2 cups of heavy cream in a separate bowl and whip until stiff peaks form.

Step 3: Fold whipped cream into the pudding mixture. Prepare a large serving bowl or individual bowls, then add to the bowl 1 cup of pudding mixture. Take 1/3 bananas and 1/3 vanilla wafer cookies, then arrange them in the serving bowl. Add a layer of pudding on top and do the same process two times.

Layer the bananas, vanilla wafer cookies, add some pudding mixture and serve!
Layer the bananas, vanilla wafer cookies, add some pudding mixture and serve!

Step 4: Chill in the refrigerator for about one hour. Garnish your banana pudding with nuts or fruits. Serve immediately for freshness. That’s the whole Patti Labelle Banana Pudding recipe you need to learn. It’s pretty easy, isn’t it?

Both hot and cold Patti Labelle Banana Pudding are acceptable. In fact, it’s mainly a matter of contention and it’s entirely up to your preference. If you serve a cold banana pudding, then top it with whipped cream, chopped nuts and some caramel sauce. When you eat it hot, it’ll taste amazing with a drizzle of caramel sauce and a spoonful of whipped cream.

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You can keep the banana pudding in the refrigerator for a maximum of 5 days. First use Saran wrap to cover the top of the serving bowl, then cover one more time with aluminum foil. Another option is to place the banana pudding in an airtight container and freeze for up to 2 months. That’s why this dessert is a perfect choice if you’re looking for something to make ahead of time.

If you choose to freeze the banana pudding, it needs to be thawed 2 hours before consumption. When using an airtight container to store the pudding, try not to choose the ones that are made of plastic.

There are many variants of the Patti Labelle Banana Pudding recipe, but this particular recipe will surely be a hit with your friends and family. This treat is a perfect choice to serve after dinner, especially for those who want to eat something new, healthy yet delicious for dessert. If you try to make this recipe by yourself, feel free to share your experience with Bourbon O in the comment section below!

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