How long can Cooked Sausage sit out ? The most Exact Answer

Sausage seems to have become a popular food in the world. This is a favorite dish of children and indispensable in outdoor barbecue parties. However, are you storing your sausages properly? Many people make the mistake of storing cooked sausages. This will affect your health and digestive system. Soon we will reveal to you “How long can cook sausage sit out“. Let’s follow Bourbon O  to follow the article below to understand more.

Materials of sausages

Among the top oldest foods, sausages have appeared on paintings and photographs of Egypt, China, and Syria since 5000 BC. By the 8th century BC, sausages were mentioned by the poet Homer in the Greek sausage contest. The 11th and 12th centuries are also mentioned and popular in Germany. Sausages were considered “treasures” at that time, so they often hid and preserved them carefully to avoid theft.

To make sausage, the main indispensable ingredient is pork or beef, but usually pork, combined with spices, salt, additives and cooked by different methods. Sausages will be differentiated into 4 main types: fresh sausages (uncooked sausages), dry sausages (salami), pasteurized sausages and smoked sausages.

Fresh sausages

According to Wikipedia’s information, this type of sausage has about 800 varieties. The characteristics of these sausages are that they are ground or pureed from pork, veal, beef,… that have not been heat-treated. Because it is not yet ripe, the fresh sausage still retains the freshness and sweetness of the meat, and retains the nutritional composition and aroma characteristic of spices. There are some types such as: Blutwurst, Saumagen, and Corned Beef.

Dry sausage

Pork, beef,… will be minced meat, marinated with salt, spices (pepper, wine, mace, cumin, chili powder,…) then fermented and dried or made ripe, not fermented but dried directly in a cold room. Some popular dry sausages are: Ahle Wurst, Chorizo, Kulen, Landjäger, Mettwurst, Salami.

Sterilized Sausage

Instant sausages are processed by industrial methods with the main ingredients being meat, starch and some suitable additives. After that, the mixture will go through many processing processes such as: puree, stuffing, pasteurization, drying, cooling, then finishing and packing. The pasteurized sausage is soft, not as crunchy as other sausages. Because in the raw materials, most of these sausages contain starch and flour. Therefore, you will feel the softness and fatness from the pasteurized sausage.

Smoked sausage

Made from pureed meat, added spices, put in a sausage maker to make complete sausages. They are then smoked and packaged. Sausage is crunchy, especially the collagen skin or natural intestines. Therefore, when eating, you will feel that the meat is still mixed with a little roughness of the skin. In particular, the characteristic smoked aroma of oak wood is for those who are passionate about the smell of smoke. Just put a piece in your mouth, the wonderful smell of smoke mixed with the freshness of the meat will give you an extremely delicious feeling.

For sausages that are still kept in vacuum bags, you only need to use them according to the expiry date printed on the package to ensure safety and keep the deliciousness!

As for the sausages that are in use and have been opened, you should store them in the refrigerator for a maximum of 2 days and for the freezer, 10 days.

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How long can cooked sausage sit out

Sausage is a food that has been pre-cooked in the production process, but you still need to store it in the refrigerator at a temperature of 0 – 4 degrees Celsius to keep its inherent delicious and attractive flavor. it.

Expiry dates of all types of sausages are clearly printed on the packaging, so users need to pay attention and watch carefully to limit the use of sausages when it has been damaged!

To store sausages for a longer time, you can store it in the freezer of the refrigerator. When there is a need to prepare dishes from sausages, you just need to take them out and put them in the refrigerator for about half a day to defrost and then process.

Also, in the old days when people still did not use the common refrigerator as today, often they would preserve the sausage by placing it in a jar of white wine and leaving it for a few months to use.

Normally, fresh sausages can be used for about 1 week if kept in the refrigerator and about 1 month if stored in the freezer!

How long does fresh sausage last?
fresh sausage last

With the current development of technology, the best way to preserve fresh sausages is to take advantage of the right temperature and humidity in the refrigerator and freezer compartments to prolong the use of fresh sausages.

Store fresh sausages Tips

Note that if the fresh sausage before being placed in the refrigerator for storage has been cut off the outer packaging and exposed the meat from the collagen shell, you should use a little grape wine to rub it evenly on that part before proceeding. put it in the refrigerator. Alcohol will help sausages retain their flavor better during storage.

In addition, to preserve fresh sausages longer, you should put them in the refrigerator or freezer. However, you should still use fresh sausage in a short time and do not leave it for too long in the refrigerator because it will lose its inherent freshness.

One of the most important factors in the preservation of food in general and sausages in particular is the storage temperature. Temperature determines 90% of the product whether it retains its original freshness and flavor.

Sausage storage temperature also depends on the type of sausage to be stored. Fresh sausages, smoked sausages, frozen sausages, instant sausages, etc. All are sausages, but because their properties are not the same, the temperature requirements are also not less different.

We can also refer to how to preserve fresh sausages by folk methods. Fresh sausages are arranged evenly around and the top of the white wine glass is in the center of a large jar. The shelf life of fresh sausages can be extended for 2 months.

However, the best method you can use is to keep it in the refrigerator. If the fresh sausage has been cut to expose the flesh from the viscera, you can rub wine on the cut. After that, you just put it in the refrigerator, the sausage will still retain its original fresh flavor.

Freshly prepared sausages, if refrigerated, have a shelf life of one week. If frozen, freshly prepared sausages have a shelf life of about 1 month. Fresh, unprocessed sausages will have a shelf life twice as long when cooked.

If the fresh sausage you buy is still in its original packaging, the shelf life will be longer. You can use the product according to the expiration date printed on the package by the manufacturer. How to store fresh sausages is essential because sausages past their expiration date can become waterlogged, change color and taste.

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