What to mix with Jack Daniels Honey

Jack Daniels Honey is the perfect blend of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey and uniquely delicious wild honey; Tennessee Honey offers Jack’s signature flavor, unmistakable for any other. Another, with the sweetness of honey, you will experience the ultimate sweetness. However, the taste of this wine will become more when some other ingredients are mixed. So what to mix with Jack Daniels Honey? Let’s follow through with the article below.

 What to mix with jack daniels honey
What to mix with jack daniels honey

About Jack Daniels Honey

Jack Daniel Honey is a truly special product that evokes a new discovery of sweet honey sensation, with flavors of pecans and maple, they stimulate the sense of smell and taste of the drinker, bringing to the palate experiences of familiarity and comfort.

Jack Daniel Honey wine has a sweet aroma from Honey. A little bit of mild spice blends with vanilla aroma accompanied by warm caramel flavor, typical from Jack Daniel’s Old No.7. When enjoying around the mouth, feel the flavors as you smell, with a hint of oak. When finished, it will not be too harsh, warm in the throat and ends quickly. Aftertaste of pecans with oak aromas.

This is a quality blend of Tennessee Whiskey and uniquely delicious wild Honey to create Tennessee Honey, a sweet honey flavor not to be missed by wine aficionado Jack Daniel. This is a whiskey that you will also want to try once.

Jack Daniel’s Honey is famous American Whiskey of delicious taste and quality, character and charm that will make you feel mesmerized.

To this day, Jack Daniel’s still uses the original recipe from the past to blend fermented ingredients, including 80% corn (corn), 8% rye (rye) and 12% barley germ. From the expertise at Jack Daniels, this recipe is called Mash Bill.

All of these ingredients are contracted for supplies from farmers in the Midwest region of the United States. Corn comes from Southwest Kentucky and Southern Illinois, rye from Minnesota, and barley from Montana.

Corn makes up the majority of the fermentation mix, so it will give the wine a sweet taste with a hint of corn. Barley sprouts provide enzymatic bio-enzymes so that the yeasts can hydrolyze corn and rye and at the same time give the base flavor and some grain to the Whiskey.

Rye is the grain that gives off a spicy aroma, and Jack Daniel’s uses less rye than other popular American whiskeys.

As a result, Jack Daniels wine has less pepper, less spice, less sweetness and more intense oak flavor. This recipe for mixing ingredients has been kept the same since the day Mr. Jack created it. The grains are milled through a roller mill and then kneaded with water taken from Cave Spring Hollow, a limestone cave whose water source is pure iron-free and always at 13°C.

These ingredients are cooked in a 6-day process. The corn is finely ground, then mixed with spring water, then cooked to 100°C (212°F) and then cooled to 77°C (170°F). At this point, the rye is added, and when the temperature drops to 64°C (148°F), the barley is added (barley).

These three grains are cooked at three different optimal temperatures with the aim of dissolving the starch structure of each grain so that the yeast can then convert that starch into alcohol during fermentation. The paste is finally cooled to 24°C (75°F) and then pumped into 40,000 gallons (151,416 liters) of fermentation tanks.

While other distilleries use dry yeast, Jack Daniels uses fresh yeast varieties that they grow themselves on malt and barley media. This glaze is not sold outside but is only used at the Jack Daniels kiln. These yeast strains have been cultured and kept since the time after the ban on alcohol production was lifted (1933).

The prominent feature on Jack Daniel’s bottle label is the words’ sour mash whiskey. In fact, not only Jack Daniels but all whiskeys made in the US are made from a process called “silage paste.” This silage is the solid residue left after having separated into a beer-like liquid solution.

In addition, this type of silage powder contains a variety of yeasts that are essential for the fermentation process, inhibiting mixed yeast strains and ensuring uniform fermentation quality between production batches. In a popular way, it is to bridge from one lot to another for stable quality.

This pre-distillation wort is distilled in a circulating distillery. There are two furnaces with a diameter of 1.9m and two smaller furnaces with a diameter of 1.4m. Both types of furnaces have a distillation tower 13.7 m high and are operated in pairs: 1 large furnace is connected to 1 small furnace.

Jack Daniels oven uses a more expensive copper pot distillation pot than a cheaper, more durable stainless steel pot because the copper material will interact with the beer solution during boiling and desulphurization so that the distillate after the distillation is purified. Purer and tastier.

One of the strange features of this still is the “thumper” connected to each distillation column. A stream of steam passes through the tube through the steam-heated pot in the distillation column. The Whiskey flows from the distillation column through the thumper and back to the distillation column to provide a steady backflow. Simultaneously formed the second distillation process.

This controlled backflow ensures that the steam flowing through the condenser column always has an alcohol concentration of 70% by volume with an error of only about 0.5%. Alcohol flows out from the condenser tower with a capacity of 50 – 60 gallons/minute at each condenser and operates stably day and night, only shutting down during cleaning and maintenance.

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What to mix with Jack Daniels Honey

You can mix Jack Daniels Honey with a lot of different ingredients. People can rely on personal preferences to choose the most suitable mix. Here are some popular choices that you can refer to:


Dr. Pepper is also known as an American beverage that is loved by the majority of people here. Its taste is extremely special and really suitable for everyone to mix with Jack Daniels. This soda is usually sweet in taste and is also noted by the manufacturer on the packaging as spicy while highlighting the whiskey.
To get the most delicious taste, people often mix in a ratio of 2:1 between Dr. Pepper with Jack Daniels Honey.

Mix with Dr. Pepper
Mix with Dr. Pepper

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Combine with milk if you want to have the most refreshing drink after a tiring day at work. For the best taste, choose to use Jack Daniels Honey with milk in a ratio of 1: 4, where the milk should be warmed. This drink will be really suitable for you to relax as well as warm up your body on winter days.

When combined with milk, mead becomes a healthy, light and extremely delicious wine. Besides, if chilled, this drink also makes the alcohol diluted and has a low concentration.

Ginger beer

Ginger beer
Ginger beer

As far as history goes, a Moscow mule is considered to have the flavor of a cocktail that Americans often enjoy and is made in Los Angeles. In it, there will be a combination of vodka with some ginger beer.
If you don’t like the taste of Vodka, you can replace it with Whiskey, thus creating a southern style. People often add a little squeeze of lemon to add a very attractive sour taste.


Lemon juice is a good detoxifier, so sometimes, people combine lemon juice with Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey. It does not lose all the flavor of the mead, which ensures it is suitable for barbecue parties, especially in the summer.

Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice
Cranberry juice

The perfect combination of cranberries with a little Jack Daniels Honey will give users a feeling of enjoyment and refreshment. And this is the perfect combination for the party, especially after Thanksgiving. Besides, if you like any berry, you can choose to mix it with wine. The very simple recipe that many people apply is to use 1 part of Jack honey to add 2 parts of cranberry juice. Finally, add 4 parts of sweet tea to the mixture to be able to complete.

Lavender syrup

Lavender syrup
Lavender syrup

Lavender Julep combined with mead makes it perfect for spring parties. First, you need to mix one part lavender syrup with 2 parts Jack Daniel’s Honey. The flavors of these two ingredients will blend seamlessly with herbs to create a perfect drink.

Maple syrup

If you’re looking for something new but don’t know what to mix with Jack Daniels Honey, maple syrup is a perfect choice. You can add this mixture to your Whiskey to try the new sweetness it brings. Jack Daniel’s Maple Syrup and Honey are also well known today.

So through the above article, you know the origin as well as what to mix with Jack Daniels Honey. These are healthy drinks that are loved and used by many people often. Choose your favorite flavor and enjoy relaxing moments. Hope that the information shared above will be really useful for everyone. The implementation of these combinations is extremely simple and does not take too much time.

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