Raw Chicken in The Fridge for Seven Days? Here’s What Happens

Well-cooked chicken is that exciting gift that keeps giving. Chicken has always been a widely-loved and versatile food. This protein-filled deliciousness has since found its way into many hearts and recipes around the world. 

Although chicken consumption is very popular, there are a lot of grey areas concerning its preservation, and keeping chicken in the fridge for seven days is one of them. 

Storing raw chicken improperly can lead to a series of unfortunate events for the chicken. Certain things can happen to your raw chicken when it is stored in the fridge for seven days. Read on to find out. 

What happens when you leave raw chicken in the fridge for seven days?

Bacterial growth, changes in color, texture, and smell. When you leave the raw chicken in the fridge for seven days, here are some things that may happen:

Bacterial Growth

When raw chicken is stored in the fridge for seven days, it is solidly at risk of developing bacterial growth. This bacterial growth is usually the culprit of the ensuing food-borne illness. Bacteria growth in raw chicken stored in the fridge for a long time is caused by exposure to oxygen. Colorful spots on the skin of the chicken are an indication of mold or bacterial growth. 

Colour change

Another thing to expect when you leave your chicken in the fridge for seven days is a color change. The skin of the chicken may turn grey/green. 

Change in smell

The chicken may begin to emit a smell that is more acidic than usual. Because both raw and cooked chicken emits an acidic smell, this slightly more concentrated smell might be difficult to take note of.

Texture change

When the raw chicken has been left in the fridge for seven days, it is at risk of taking up a slimy texture. So, if you take out your raw chicken from the fridge after seven days and it feels slimy, don’t be shocked.

Is chicken still good after seven days in the fridge?

No, you should avoid eating chicks that have been stored in the fridge for seven days. Raw or cooked, it poses a great threat to your health. 

After seven days in the fridge, your chicken has probably started manifesting signs of spoilage as aforementioned. This type of chicken is not fit for your consumption.

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Can I cook chicken that has been in the fridge for five days?

You shouldn’t. It is recommended to store raw chicken in your fridge between 1-2 days. Storing it for days after that is setting the chicken up for spoilage. 

It serves you best to store your raw chicken in freeze rather than a fridge if you wouldn’t be using it on the day of purchase. Here’s why, when you store raw food in your fridge, it is temporary while freezer stores are more permanent and reliable to maintain your raw chicken. Your chicken lasts 1-2 days in the fridge and 2-6 months in the freezer.

How long does raw chicken really last in the fridge?

1-2 days. The shelf life of a raw chicken in the fridge is ridiculously small. This is why I recommended using your raw chicken when you buy it or store it in a freezer if you have to store it for long. Cooked chicken lasts for 3-4 days while chicken stored in the freezer lasts for approximately 2-6 months. 

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How to tell when raw chicken is bad in the fridge

Experiencing food poisoning is probably one of the most awful feelings ever and it can happen to anyone if care is not taken. Cooking and eating raw chicken that has gone bad can be avoided when we appropriately prepare chicken, and that includes its storage. Luckily, there are easy ways to know if your raw chicken is bad in the fridge.

Take a look:

Check the expiry and sell-by dates

Expiry dates give information on when the product is likely to expire while the sell-by date gives the retailer information on the recommended time at which an item should be sold. These dates provide information on whether your raw chicken has started to spoil.

Be on the lookout for foul smells

The most direct way to check if food has gone bad is to use our sense of smell to our advantage. All you need to do is look out for any funny or foul smells in your raw chicken. Its smell is somewhere between somewhat sweet diluted odors and that smell of rotten eggs. When you notice this, your chicken has become inedible and should be disposed of.

Look for signs of bacterial or mold growth

Raw chicken in the fridge that has developed mold growth will have colored spots on its skin.

Color change

You may notice a change of color on the skin of the chicken. Edible raw chicken is usually light pink, but when it starts to go bad, it begins to take on a grey color. 

Slimy feel

When you come across raw chicken stored in the freezer that has begun to spoil, you may notice a slimy film on its skin or it may have a sticky feel to it. 

By Luong Tan

Luong Tan, the creative and passionate founder of Bourbono, is a multi-talented individual with a deep love for the culinary arts. An accomplished food blogger, cookbook author, and former Ambassador of US cuisine in Vietnam (2015-2016), Luong has been on a mission to share his appreciation for food with the world.

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