10 Best Breads for Turkey Sandwiches & Why We Love Them

The best part of making a turkey sandwich is the aftertaste. With other necessary condiments in your sandwich, you may be good to go, but once you use the wrong bread for turkey sandwiches, your efforts will be in vain.

The type of bread you use for your turkey sandwiches determine its resulting taste. The ultimate turkey sandwiches taste exemplary with the best bread.

Take a look at breads that we recommend for your next turkey sandwich meal or for times when you’re feeling like trying a new recipe!

10 Best breads for turkey sandwiches and why we love them

  1. Rustik oven
  2. Sara Lee Artesano Potato Bread
  3. Great Northern Food Hall
  4. She Wolf Bread
  5. The Green Grape
  6. Pepperidge Farm Sweet Hawaiian Bread
  7. ChallahGram Bread
  8. Zingerman’s Jewish Rye Bread
  9. Sourdough Bread
  10. Three Bakers 7 Ancient Grains

Rustik oven

Yes, it has a generic flavor, but it has a very bold taste that makes it the perfect bread for turkey sandwiches. The Rustik oven has three varieties of bread, sourdough, artisan white, and hearty grains and seeds. The hearty grains and seeds are the best variety of Rustik oven bread for your turkey sandwiches because of their heavier and have a thicker texture. When paired with the turkey and other ingredients, it makes a mean turkey sandwich experience.

Sara Lee Artesano Potato Bread

Many people love good potato bread for their burgers and it is no surprise. If you enjoy the flavor and texture of potato bread, it is a great choice for your turkey sandwiches as well.

The Sara Lee Artesano Potato Bread complements the turkey pretty well. It offers a nice thick slice so that your turkey and other ingredients can be tucked in and sit nicely.

Great Northern Food Hall

If crispy crusts and tanginess are your things, you’d love Great Northern Food Hall bread for your turkey sandwiches. This danish bread gets its sourdough flavor from being made without commercial yeast and left to rise for about 16 hours.

She Wolf Bread

This traditional French loaf takes caramel crusts to another level. It’s a good fit for your turkey sandwiches because of its thick, round loaves that are almost two feet wide. This means that using a She Wolf Bread for your sandwiches will have your condiments and ingredients fit right into the bread with ease.

The Green Grape

Thanks to additions like sesame seeds, millet, oats, flax seeds, and poppy seeds, the Green Grape Loaf takes on a texturized feel and a softer crust that gives your turkey sandwiches a whole new experience.

Pepperidge Farm Sweet Hawaiian Bread

When your turkey is a bit on the spicy side and you need a slightly sweet contrast to the flavor, the Pepperidge Farm Sweet Hawaiian Bread is a proper choice. 10/10 will recommend for a satisfying taste.

ChallahGram Bread

ChallahGram Bread sets itself apart because it pairs well with any sandwich filling you may be interested in. This thick and soft loaf is a quality bread for turkey sandwiches.

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Zingerman’s Jewish Rye Bread

Zingerman’s Jewish Rye Bread makes a perfect pair for turkey sandwiches. It is delicious, slightly sour, and tangy flavor and provides your turkey sandwiches with a bold, contrasting taste. An up-to-par bread for your turkey sandwiches if you ask me.

Sourdough Bread

Authentic sourdough bread, especially the ones made with whole wheat flour. It’s very nutritious, offers a tangy flavor and thick weight that gives it a reputation.

It is a healthy bread for turkey sandwiches because it lets you take in its natural probiotics, protein, minerals, and fiber as well. Also, authentic sourdough bread helps with weight loss, so if you’re right in the middle of dieting or about to start, you know the best bread to use for your turkey sandwiches.

Three Bakers 7 Ancient Grains

This loaf is not just nutritious, it also has a distinctive texture and quality.

Three Bakers 7 Ancient Grains possess a warm texture and a dynamic nutty taste. This whole grain and fiber-filled bread is a wonderful gluten-free bread for your turkey sandwiches.

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What is the most popular bread used in sandwiches?

White bread. This is hardly surprising as it is one of those bread that you just have lying around. Whether it is a lunchtime rush or a quick meal at home, white bread puts the “always” in always available.

What kind of bread is used in Deli sandwiches?

Rye bread, whole wheat bread, white bread, pumpernickel bread, and rolls and buns. For your deli sandwich, you want bread that will hold and not crumble under the weight of the toppings in your sandwich, the aforementioned types of bread are quality and reliable types of bread for your deli sandwiches.