What is Buche Meat: The surprising answer is here

Buche Meat Introduction

What is buche meat?
What is buche meat?

Buche is certainly a familiar word in the Christmas season. However, did you know this word also refers to a type of meat? What is buche meat? We will answer shortly. Follow this article with Bourbon O now,.

The word Buche is often used to refer to a log cake – Buche de Noel is an indispensable dessert during Christmas. However, buche also refers to pork stomach. The pig’s stomach (stomach) is a part of the pig’s digestive system, performing two main functions: mechanically grinding food, permeating gastric juices and breaking down food by digestive enzymes in gastric juice. In addition, pork stomach is also the raw material for many delicious dishes.

What is buche meat?
What is buche meat?

Different Buche Meat Recipes

Pork’s stomach filled with coconut water

Stomach with coconut water has a beautiful yellow color with an attractive and seductive aroma. The pieces of the stomach are crispy and soaked in the delicious sweet and salty sauce. Eating pork stomach with a cup of white rice is perfect! This dish is perfect for eating with bread.

Stomach full of sugar cane juice

A little variation with the pork belly with sugar cane juice, instead of coconut water you can mix it with sugar cane juice, creating a delicious dish with a strange taste. Crispy pork belly, sweet taste from sugarcane and sour taste of pineapple create a unique flavor for the dish.

Break the pig’s stomach

The pork belly is a familiar dish and is loved by many people. Now you can make it at home with the super easy recipe shared by Bourbon O. 

The finished dish has a beautiful color, the stomach is fully absorbed with the spices, soft but not mushy. This dish you can eat with bread, sticky rice or white rice is very delicious!

Sweet and sour fried pork belly

With just a few simple steps, you can complete an extremely delicious pork belly. The dish has a beautiful orange-yellow color, a crunchy stomach, a unique flavor combined with the sour taste of pineapple and tomatoes to make an extremely attractive dish.

Mixed fried pork belly

Crispy stomach fried with fresh vegetables is both delicious and not boring. This mixed fried pork belly dish not only satisfies the taste buds but also has attractive colors with alternating green, red, red, yellow and yellow colors.

Stir-fried pork belly with pickled cabbage

Stomach and sauerkraut is a unique and attractive combination that will surely make you excited! The stomach is chewy and crispy, has its own unique flavor combined with crispy and sour cabbage, which is extremely attractive. This dish is extremely catchy and promises to make your family love it.

Stir-fried pork belly with satay

Stir-fried pork belly with satay has the natural crunchy taste of pork stomach, the sour taste of tomatoes and the pungent taste of satay. The delicious satay sauce on the outside of the pig’s stomach has an attractive color and a strong aroma that stimulates the taste buds. Eating with fried satay stomach with white rice is the best.

Stir-fried pork stomach with lemongrass and chili

The fried pork belly with lemongrass and chili is presented on a very beautiful plate, attractive by the mix of colors of the ingredients. The stomach is delicious, with the spicy taste of chili, lemongrass, garlic and red onion that makes up the aroma of the dish. This is a delicious, addictive dish. Make it now for your family to enjoy!

Pork stomach salad

The salad has the taste of sweet and crispy pork belly soaked in rich spices from the salad dressing, mixed with a little bit of vegetables to create a delicious, strange salad that is easy to make. Show off your skills in the kitchen to make this pork belly salad for your family to enjoy!

 Pork stomach stewed with pepper

Stomach stewed with pepper has a cracking aroma. The stomach is soft and not chewy, evenly absorbed with spices, eaten with mushrooms, carrots and onions mixed with the special spicy smell of pepper to make the dish even more attractive. It’s great to eat with vermicelli, bread or rice, isn’t it!

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Grilled pork belly

It would be remiss if you omit the grilled pork belly in the list of delicious pork belly dishes. The delicious stomach is marinated with rich spices and has a pungent taste, then it will be grilled on a charcoal fire. Create a delicious, attractive dish. Mixed rai with some white wine is the best.

Steamed pork stomach

Steamed pork belly with super simple ways and quick execution time, the dish is a great choice for you to show off your talents in the kitchen. The stomach after being marinated with rich spices will be steamed to create a simple but delicious dish that is hard to resist. With 2 ways of steaming pepper and steaming lemongrass of Dien May XANH, we hope not to disappoint you.

Pork stomach hot pot

Pork stomach hot pot has a complex and attractive aroma, the stomach is chewy and crispy, the vegetables are soft and sweet, the broth is sweet and has a mild pungent taste of pepper. Eaten with melon, spinach and fresh noodles is perfect. On windy days like this, the whole family gathers around the hot pot of hot pork belly.

Pork stomach stuffed with meat

The outside of the pork belly is crispy, chewy, and the inside is soft and sweet, mixed with carrots, horn peppers, shiitake mushrooms and wood ear. Create a dish that is both unique but delicious and attractive that your whole family will love and eat forever!

Pork stomach with fish sauce

If you don’t know what to enjoy with rice for lunch today, don’t miss this pork belly with fish sauce. It will definitely make you eat a few cups of rice!

The combination of simple ingredients such as pork stomach and fish sauce has created a delicious and irresistible dish. The crispy and chewy stomach is evenly coated by the sour, spicy, salty, salty fish sauce sauce and the characteristic aroma of ginger and lemongrass.

 Pork stomach stewed with lotus seeds

The lotus seed stomach after stewing will have a beautiful color and a delicious taste. Stomach and lotus seeds are soft, have a fatty taste mixed with sweet broth to create a delicious dish that is hard to resist. This dish is not only delicious but also good for health.

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