Does Fish Sauce Need to Be Refrigerated?

The easiest way to preserve food these days is to put them in a fridge. Not only does it keep them in a good state for future consumption but also prevents them from going bad and filling the house with a foul smell. People have asked too if fish sauce need to be refrigerated.

Let’s take a look at that question, and answer other related questions. For example, if the fish sauce needs to be refrigerated, how long should it be refrigerated to preserve the original flavor? Let’s get straight to it.

Does Fish Sauce Need to Be Refrigerated?

Fish sauce does not need to be refrigerated. Fish sauce has some controlled water activity. It means that the water molecules in the sauce are chemically bound to the salt molecules present in the sauce. 

Here is what that means.

There is little or no chance for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to multiply.

However, this doesn’t mean that it is taboo to refrigerate it. Whether to refrigerate it or not is a personal choice.

Fish Sauce

How Long Does Fish Sauce Last in The Fridge?

On average, a bottle of fish sauce can last for up to 4 years when refrigerated.

There are several reasons why people refrigerate fish sauce. For one thing, the chilled state prevents the sauce from developing a foul smell over time. It is also a beautiful way of preserving the original flavor for as long as possible.

Some people are just curious, they like buying multiple brands of fish sauce and trying them all out simultaneously. Refrigerating the fish sauce is their best bet to keep them all fresh and edible.

Does Fish Sauce Need to Be Refrigerated After Opening?

Yes. Once you open a bottle of fish sauce, there is always the challenge of keeping it fresh. If the bottle is not tightly closed, air can get inside it, causing microorganisms to propagate at will. If this should by any means happen, it will start to stink and eventually spoil.

Many people opt for refrigerating the fish sauce after opening it to prevent this from happening. It helps then maximize the shelf life of the fish sauce when the container has already been opened.

Fish Sauce

How to Store Fish Sauce After Opening?

After opening, store it at normal room temperature and seal the container as tightly as. This helps preserve the fish sauce for more than a year because the long production line and fermentation time will make it edible. Although the continuous fermentation may change the flavor slightly, the sauce will not go bad. Remember, it must be stored at room temperature for this to work.

Alternatively, many opt for storing the fish sauce in the fridge after opening. The chilled environment helps keep it fresh, prevent the growth of microorganisms, and form salt crystals to preserve the sauce.

How Long Does Homemade Fish Sauce Last?

Homemade fish sauce can last for between one to two weeks when refrigerated. The chilled condition will prevent the growth of pathogens, which will not let the homemade fish sauce go bad. For this to happen, all the ingredients must be fermented.

While there is nothing wrong with making DIY fish sauce, you have to get your calculations right. With homemade fish sauce, there are no preservatives. So, the salt, vinegar, and PH must be inhospitable for bacterial growth.

However, expect some diminished flavor at the end of the week, which may slightly differ from how fresh the sauce may have been when it was prepared. 

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Can You Store Fish Sauce at Room Temperature?

Because the ingredients are fermented, the fish sauce will sit just fine at room temperature. The fermentation is very minimal and usually happens over time. While the taste can change a little (almost unnoticeable), it will remain edible and free of pathogens.

Some fish sauces can stay on the counter for 5 to 6 years as long as they are sealed and kept at room temperature. As a kind reminder, room temperature is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is generally considered comfortable and ambient for the preservation of several food items. 

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Fish Sauce

Does Red Boat Fish Sauce Need to Be Refrigerated?

When red boat fish sauce is kept at room temperature, and the bottle is sealed very tightly, the sauce will be fine without refrigeration. The natural sea salt in the sauce will crystalize on the bottom of the sauce and keep it fresh and delicious. 

However, if a bottle of red boat sauce is opened, it must be refrigerated for maximum freshness.

What Happens If You Don’t Refrigerate Fish Sauce?

Nothing happens to an unrefrigerated bottle of fish sauce as long as it is stored at room temperature and the seal remains unbroken. If the seal is broken or if the bottle is opened, it may stay in good shape for up to 2 years. If you decide to refrigerate it, it will last a little longer than two years.

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