Fried chicken restaurant – a business idea that makes money no matter the time

Can small catering establishment be highly profitable? Of course! It all depends on what, where and how you serve it. Holly Powder chicken coating manufacturer has been assisting clients in opening and starting catering establishments for years. We asked him what to do to make a chicken restaurant generate big profits.

A good food service business idea? Fried chicken restaurant

What makes a chicken restaurant bound to succeed? Chicken coating and breading manufacturer has no doubts:

“Chicken dishes have a very high sales potential. Chicken is enjoyed by basically everyone – regardless of age and gender. Breaded chicken gives a wide range of possibilities regarding the composition of the menu. In addition, a chicken restaurant has far less competition than fast food serving burgers or pizza. The preparation of chicken is extremely simple, requiring neither a large amount of space nor specialised equipment. In fact, all you need is an ordinary deep fryer!”

And fried chicken powder

As well as valuable tips and experience in the food service industry, chicken coating manufacturer offers a range of products that make preparing breaded chicken as simple as possible.

“Our fried chicken powder mix and marinade is a combination that will make the job easier for anyone who wants to serve perfectly crispy breaded chicken. The ready-to-use coating mix for chicken is a product dedicated to the food service industry. The coating meets all expectations – it is convenient and easy to use, and the dish prepared with it is reproducible – the chicken always tastes the same – and just as good! Simply coat the marinated chicken in the batter according to the instructions and fry in deep fat. You don’t need any extra ingredients, no eggs, cornflakes or other seasonings. The ready-made chicken coating is – as the name suggests – ready to use.”

Small chicken restaurant – big profit

A menu based on delicious, golden chicken in a crispy coating is the foundation on which you can build a profitable catering business, especially with the help of promotional products for marketing strategy.

What else is important? The Holly Powder coating manufacturer, who has been working for years with restaurant owners and small catering establishments, underlines several important aspects that we should keep in mind if we intend to open a catering establishment:

  1. Location – when choosing where you want to open your restaurant, it is worth paying attention to the attractiveness of the location for tourists, the population density within a 3 km radius, the number of companies and corporations operating in the area.
  2. Competition – competition analysis is an extremely important stage in the process of deciding where to open your own catering establishment. It is worth familiarising yourself with development plans and planned investments in the vicinity. The neighbourhood of a popular fast-food chain restaurant serving breaded chicken may make it difficult to stand out and contribute to a drop in the number of customers coming to your restaurant.
  3. The delivery channel – serving takeaway or home delivery food is an absolute necessity today. When planning a catering business, we should consider this sales channel. Chicken dishes are great for delivery. You can easily pack them in takeaway packaging and deliver them to the customer without risk of damage.
  4. Expert support – taking your first steps in food service, it is good to find a partner who has experience in the industry and can offer advice. The Holly Powder coating manufacturer offers customers not only high-quality products for preparing breaded chicken, but also free access to helpful training and promotional materials. Those interested can take advantage of eye-catching free images for social media and ready-made templates for posters, menuboards and other useful advertising materials.
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