Everything to Know On How to Use Smoker Box 

A smoker box is a small metallic container mostly placed on grills while cooking meat and other items. It is mainly used to infusion a smoky flavor into food that is cooked or grilled on low heat. All you need to do is fill the smoker box with chips or pellets and keep it under the gates of your grill. 

Smoker boxes are low-cost addition to your grill and a must-have if you like smoky grilled meat. You can smoke food with these boxes very easily without investing money in another smoker. There are different kinds of smoker boxes available in the market, and if you want your smoker box to last for longer years, you must ensure to buy one made of very high-quality metal like cast iron.

How can you use a smoker box?

How can you use a smoker box?
Smoker box

You might think it is difficult to use a smoker box, but it’s not. All you need to do is keep wooden chips within the smoker box, keep the smoker box beside the source of heat and let your meat get barbecued before you start refilling the chips and when needed. For better knowledge about how to use a smoker box on both a charcoal smoker and gas barbecues, read ahead: 

Keep wooden chips inside the smoker box 

You need to keep wooden chips as per your choice within the cabinet of your smoker box. Many people like soaking their wooden chips before avoiding their exposure to fire. This is unnecessary with the present-day smoker boxes as they don’t have holes in the bottom, and there is no risk of getting direct exposure to fire. 

Keep your smoker box near a heat source. 

After filling up your smoker box with wooden chips, keep it beside the heat source. You can keep them close to charcoal barbecues as well. This means that you should keep the smoker box directly on the coals. In case of gas barbecues, you must keep the smoker box on top of the burners. It might take some time for your smoker box to produce smoke, so it is better that you turn up the heat and make it maximum on the gas grills. 

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Barbecue your meat 

When your smoker box starts producing smoke, shift your burner to the normal cooking temperature. When you completely heat a smoker box, it will continue to be hot throughout the process. Toss your meat on the barbecue and start cooking like you normally do. 

Keep refilling the wooden chips when needed. 

How can you use a smoker box
How can you use a smoker box

You will find that your wooden chips start burning before the completion of your meat cooking, and you will have to start refilling the wooden chip cabinet of the smoker box. If you face this, you just need to take a pair of gloves with high resistance to heat and open your smoker box to start refilling the wooden chips. Once done, keep the smoker box on the barbecue once again. 

If you want to make the best utilization of your smoker box, you must know how it can be used properly. Here are a few tips you can consider for the same: 

  • When your meat continues to be on smoke, keep the barbecue lid closed with no gap. This makes sure that your smoke can permeate the meat properly and it doesn’t go out.
  • Remember that when you take the meat out directly from the refrigerator, and it is cold, it has a better ability to smoke than the meat placed at room temperature. 

Benefits of Smoker Box

Smoker Box brings many benefits to everyone’s barbecue process. Adjust the temperature in the grill to the right temperature so that the meat does not burn. Because the charcoal grill will have a large temperature, then the grill on the griddle will not control the temperature. Just add a Smoker Box, the temperature generated will be controlled in the best way. Then you will have a baking experience that produces the most delicious results.

Besides, this product also helps dishes have a delicious smoke flavor. In it, the smoked blocks or chips contained in the Smoker Box will produce smoke that quickly rises to the right baking level. Accordingly, the smoke flavor created will permeate the meat or vegetables on the grill in the most intense way.


What should you look for in a good smoker box?

Since you’ve already known how to use a smoker box, it is also important to know about choosing the best smoker box for yourself. Before adding a smoker box to your shopping cart, don’t forget to look for the following features: 

  • Conventionally designed: Some things are best in their simple form. Similarly, the design of a smoker box should be as simple as possible. It must have fixed holes to ensure a good smoke flow without preventing the ash from getting stuck to your meat or escaping. 
  • It should be made out of good-quality metal: A smoker box requires to be made out of very high-quality metals like cast iron or steel to avoid the box from warping or melting. The price of smoker boxes made from high-quality metal may be higher, but they have good durability. 
  • Easy to use: Choose a smoker box with an open lid on the top to e sure that it is easier for you to refill the chips even when placed on the grill. The size and shape of your smoker box must be able to fit properly in the barbecue for good results. 
  • The non-stick coating is a must: If your smoker box lacks a non-stick coating, it will be unpleasant and difficult for you to clean. With the burning of wooden chips, they turn into a lot of ash, which further clogs the holes as they get stuck to them. If you use your smoker box directly when it is on the grill, fats and juices may also fall, and it will be a mess. 

That’s all you should know about using a smoker box on the grill. You must choose the right smoker box for yourself to last for a long time and you don’t have to replace it soon. There are many uses of a smoker box, and it is a must-have in your kitchen if you enjoy food with a smoked flavor. You must follow the steps mentioned above to make the best use of a smoker box and utilize it in the best possible way. Consider the features mentioned above to choose the right smoker box. 

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