How to Marinate Meat to Perfection and Make It Even Tastier

If you are the “chef” type and love to cook on a daily basis, you certainly already know that marinating is one of the most important steps in preparing meat.  In addition to giving flavor, will soften and often extend the shelf life of the food. Only, contrary to what many people think, you don’t have to use just lemon to perform this service. There are other types of marinades, made from various sauces and vegetables that are delicious! 

Moreover, making this kind of seasoning is not difficult at all! Take a look at our tips and learn how to marinate meat to perfection!

Pay attention to the type of meat cut

So that the marinade really sticks well to the meat, you must pay attention to the type of cut. If the objective is to accentuate the flavor of the seasoning, the ideal is to cut thinner pieces and then leave them to marinate for as long as you like. 

This works well for fillets (both red meat and chicken and fish). But also remember that the thinner the meat, the less time it should stay in the fire afterwards, so as not to run the risk of burning.

If you want to marinate a large piece of lizard, on the other hand, the ideal is to use a knife to make small holes in the meat. This way, the marinade will be able to penetrate better, enhancing the seasoning and making the texture softer. 

It’s worth remembering that the thicker the piece, the longer it also needs to be marinated, ok? Because only then will the seasoning enter to make the meat tastier.

Important tips: Large pieces should marinate for about 12 hours submerged in the sauce or juice you prefer with the seasonings. The thighs, drumsticks and fillets can very well be seasoned for a period of 6 hours. But if you really want to enhance the flavor, you can also let the seasoning act longer but always within a period of less than 24 hours, so as not to risk the meat spoiling.

Fruits, sauces and wines are great for marinating meats.

Anyone who thinks that lemon is the only viable alternative when it comes to marinating meat is wrong. There are many other sauces and even fruit juices that harmonize very well with meat, you know? The pineapple and kiwi ones, for example, have enzymes that help soften the piece even more – apart from the flavor, which is also great!

Wine is another incredible ally for marinating different types of meat: red should be used with red meat, while white harmonizes better with white. 

To make the dish tastier, try to use dry wines, which are of better quality and do not make the dish too sweet. The good thing is that, during cooking, the alcohol in the wine completely evaporates, so you can eat without fear. Many people also use specific sauces, such as soy sauce, which are delicious with both white and red meat. Whey is also delicious in white meats, you know? It all depends on the type of dish you want to prepare or what ingredients you have in your kitchen.

Step by step to prepare and apply the marinade

If you’re already familiar with the marinating process, you already know that it’s not difficult at all, but here’s our step-by-step guide for those who want to learn from home:

1. First of all, you must defrost the meat, clean it thoroughly (using a knife) and then cut it the way it will be prepared – opting for thin or thicker pieces;

2. Next is to prepare the marinade in a small bowl, using whatever sauce and seasonings you prefer. A good tip is to add minced garlic, salt, pepper, onion and other vegetables, such as paprika and rosemary, which also give a special flavor. Don’t forget to taste the result to make sure it tastes good before adding it to the meat;

3. After preparing the marinade, you can use a brush to spread the broth over the meat, covering the entire piece. Another good idea is to pour the marinade little by little (as is the case with lemon, which you can just squeeze over the piece) so that it penetrates better into the small holes in the meat;

In the case of wine, the ideal is to apply the seasonings beforehand (rubbing it with your hands) and then pour the drink over the piece of meat.

4. After applying the marinade well, you must place the meat inside a transparent bag, to seal well and ensure that the taste of the marinade gets better. Many people also store the parts in glass jars – which also work, but are not as efficient as bags;

5. Put the meat in the fridge and let it marinate for a few hours. The ideal is to remove the piece just before cooking time. This way, you remove the excess marinade and you can already put your hand in the dough to fry, bake or cook.
That’s just a simple way that you can marinade meat. But if you want to learn other cooking tips and hacks, you can use a kitchen appliance that follows cooking science and has many recipes that you can copy.

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