Call A Cab Drink Recipes and Tips For Using Cups

It’s great to have a call a cab drink in the summer, isn’t it? Or simply sit and chill a little to enjoy life after tiring working hours. Today let’s bourbono learn how to make a call a cab drink. To see that without going to the bar you can treat yourself to a great drink?

Call A Cab Drink Recipe

I am a person who loves to taste different types of wine and learn quick and delicious recipes. And when I tried to make an Aloha Vodka Sunset Cocktail, another thought occurred to me. Can I try mixing different juices with the wine for a better taste? And I think it’s going to be great? Of course, call a cab drink was born when I had this thought.

The two wines that immediately come to mind are Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc, it’s not too strong enough to intoxicate me, and especially have notes of orange and mandarin, a little sweet and fresh. I think it will be a great choice for summer days. And of course, to have a perfect call a cab drink, you can’t do without vodka, right?

Don’t make you wait long, I’ll share with you my secret, I won’t hide anything. So if you follow me, you will get great results like me.

call a cab drink
Call a cab drink


  • 1/3 Midori
  • 1/3 peach schnapps
  • 1/3 coconut rum
  • 1/3 creme de bananas
  • 1/3 peach-flavored wine
  • half a glass of blueberry juice
  • half a glass of juice. pineapple.

The ingredients to make a glass of call a cab drink will have about 200 Calories. You will make it in about 5 minutes with the preparation steps to have a great drink.

Tips For Using Cups

The Hurricane Glass is a great choice for you. Let’s learn a little bit about this type of glass so that you can choose a good product.

type of cup used to prepare
Type of cup used to prepare

Hurricane has a volume of about 300ml, named after a cocktail. This glass is used to serve tropical and fruity cocktails, sometimes the Hurricane can also be used for any other cocktail, sometimes as a substitute for the Highball glass. And it is the best choice for making a call a cab drink.

Hurricane Glass
Hurricane Glass
  • You always have to use an ice spoon to put in the glass, never use the glass to get the ice because the glass material is easy to break. Do not use chipped glasses as this can be dangerous to the bartender and the drinker.
  • Use the correct function of each type of glass. If the glass serves hot drinks, it is absolutely not recommended to put ice in it and vice versa because when the temperature changes, it is easy to break the glass.
  • You should be careful not to stack the cups too high, do not stack different types of glasses together because it is easy to get stuck.
  • Always hold the cup in the body or base position, do not touch the mouth of the glass to keep it clean.
  • Glasses used to serve cold dishes should be chilled before use to keep drinks cold.
  • The cup after being washed should be wiped dry before use.

Why choose glass cups for dispensing instead of plastic cups?

The first reason I personally see is that: using a glass when making a call a cab drink will feel very beautiful because you will see a lot of colors of the drink.
The second is most of the time in the preparation, the cups used are made of glass. Glass cups are also often used more frequently and widely than plastic cups. The reason is that the glass in the burning process does not contain organic chemicals. So when holding a call a cab drink, it will ensure health. In addition, the surface of the glass cup is smooth and easy to clean, so bacteria and residue are not easily attached and look cleaner.

In the preparation, the wines are very easy to evaporate and smell if there is no suitable temperature. The glasses are designed to suit each type of wine and have the ability to retain heat so that the drinker can fully enjoy the taste of the wine.

Thanks to the transparent glass material, when holding drinks, glass cups also bring elegance and delicate beauty. Not only that, but glass cups also last longer than plastic cups, so they are good for the environment…

Some tips for cleaning and maintaining glassware

If you are a cocktail lover like me then I think you should keep these tips in mind, or if you just want to rinse your glass thoroughly after making a call a cab drink, you can also refer to it.

To remove “stubborn” stains on glass, you can use the following tips:

Use rice or eggshells in a glass, then pour a little boiling water in, cover the mouth and shake vigorously several times. The temperature of boiling water combined with the essence of eggshell or rice will make the glass shine like new.
Soak the glass in white vinegar for about 15 minutes, then use a soft cloth soaked in baking soda to gently wipe the stain so that the stains will slowly come off and rinse with clean water.
Take a thin slice of lemon and rub it on the stain of the glass, leave it for 10 minutes. The acid in the lemon will seep into the stain. Then you use warm water to wash it, you will see that the glass is clean and has a very pleasant lemon scent.

Bourbono hope you can use the right type of glass for each drink combined with decoration skills also increases value, making the drink more attractive. Dispensing glasses come in many different shapes, sizes and uses, so learning the details to use them correctly and remembering the names of the glasses in the mix will help you have a great call a cab drink wonderful and beautiful.

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