10 Best Cheese for Turkey Sandwiches & Why We Love Them

Turkey and cheese sandwiches have become a classic, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is a delicious meal that is ideal for the whole family. 

When making a turkey and cheese sandwich, you would want it to attain a drool-worthy taste. Different types of cheese would go well, but because cheese is such a flavor booster, picking the right cheese for your turkey sandwich is your best bet. 

To make your next turkey sandwich meal an absolute 10/10, we made you a list of the 10 best cheese for turkey sandwiches and why we love them. 

10 Best Cheese for Turkey Sandwiches and Why We Love Them

We will usher you through our recommendations but it’s up to you to choose what cheese works best for your turkey sandwich recipe. 

  1. Cheddar cheese
  2. Swiss cheese
  3. Brie cheese
  4. Gouda cheese
  5. Gruyere cheese
  6. Pepper jack cheese
  7. Provolone cheese
  8. Monterey Jack cheese
  9. Colby-Jack cheese
  10. Mozzarella cheese

• Cheddar cheese 

Cheddar cheese will do your smoked turkey sandwich a lot of good. Because the turkey is warm and moist, adding cheddar cheese will give the turkey that less dry and brittle texture you didn’t know it needed. 

• Swiss cheese

Whether it is for a thanksgiving picnic, or a quick lunch, serving your turkey sandwiches with Swiss cheese will have everyone smiling. 

Swiss cheese has a very unique taste that adds to the thrill of your turkey sandwich. It tastes a bit sweet; it also has a mild feel to it and you can get a whiff of nuts in there as well. 

• Brie cheese 

When you have tomatoes or lettuce in your turkey sandwich, a great fix would be brie cheese. Brie cheese is a soft cheese that uses its runny feel and fruity taste to give your turkey sandwich that tangy flavor. 

Because Brie cheese is a soft type of cheese, it can be spread over the turkey on your bread, and when wrapped well, a brie turkey sandwich will not become soggy.

• Gouda cheese

Gouda cheese is slightly sweeter than regular cheddar cheese. Also, younger gouda cheese melts pretty easily compared to aged gouda cheese. For turkey sandwiches, aged gouda is the better choice because it is firmer. When you sit to enjoy a gouda turkey sandwich, you should expect to bite into a firm cheese and a slightly sweet aftertaste. 

• Gruyere cheese

If you’re on the lookout for a firm cheese for turkey sandwiches, gruyere cheese is another good one. 

Like the gouda cheese, gruyere cheese is also a firm cheese but, in its case, it has been left for months to become ripe. Because of this, it acquires a more earthy taste. So, you should expect a gruyere turkey sandwich to have a strong taste, I’d recommend some salt and pepper to bring out the taste. 

• Pepper jack cheese

Are you a spicy turkey sandwich fan? One thing you never have to worry about lacking when you use pepper jack cheese for turkey sandwiches is that peppery and spicy flavor. 

Pepper jack cheese is a melty kind of cheese that will also spice up your turkey sandwich and will have you go ‘Caliente!’

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• Provolone cheese

This is another interesting cheese for turkey sandwiches. It gives the sandwich an exciting salty taste that’s sharp but not overly strong. 

• Monterey-Jack cheese

Monterey Jack cheese is a perfect cheese for a turkey melt sandwich. Its buttery taste and light flavor will do your turkey melt sandwich just right.

• Colby-Jack cheese

A Colby-Jack cheese is a somewhat firm cheese made from Colby cheese and Monterey-jack cheese. A Colby-Jack cheese has a mild flavor that pairs so well with a turkey sandwich. If you’re looking for mellow-flavored cheese for your turkey sandwich, this is you. 

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• Mozzarella cheese

Apart from brie cheese, mozzarella cheese is another soft cheese you should add to your turkey sandwiches. This cheese with an Italian origin story is not just delicious but also healthy. Mozzarella cheese has lower sodium content and calories than most other types of cheese. If you’re weight watching, or on a low-calorie diet, mozzarella cheese is a good fit for your turkey sandwiches.

What cheese goes with smoked turkey?

Cheddar! Cheddar cheese with smoked turkey is an A+ combo. A must-try if you’re a lover of new recipes!

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