Are You Supposed to Cook Vienna Sausages? [Plus Top Recipes]

Vienna sausages are super tasty sausages that can be bought canned, fresh, or vacuum-packed. Their taste and look are often compared to hotdogs or frankfurters – and they are quite similar. They are made out of similar ingredients and they look almost the same, the only distinction between them is the size and texture.

For those wondering how to cook Vienna sausages or if you’re supposed to cook them at all, we will be answering your questions and providing some tips and other relevant information about Vienna sausages here.

Are You Supposed to Cook Vienna Sausages?

You can cook Vienna sausages, but you don’t have to. Vienna sausages are cooked before they are sold. You can eat them as is, refrigerated or cooked. They can also be added to a wide variety of recipes. If you are going to cook them, then you may choose to fry, roast, or heat them up, but boiling them is a bad idea. The added water would make them waterlogged and cause them to split.

You can warm them up in a microwave or hot water. Ensure the water is not boiling, simply let them sit in the hot water for a few minutes. Remember not to overcook them regardless of the method you are using. We recommend a controlled consumption of Vienna sausages as they tend to be high in sodium.

It is also recommended to buy the sausages fresh or vacuum-packed rather than canned, but if you are going to get them canned – some of the best brands are Hereford, Argentina, Grace Halal, American Garden, Purefoods, Virginia, Picnic, Venkys, Armour Star, and Maple Leaf.

Are You Supposed to Cook Vienna Sausages?

What Happens If You Boil Vienna Sausages?

If you boil Vienna sausages, they will become waterlogged and split up. If you are going to cook Vienna sausages, then a better option would be to fry or roast them. You can also eat them straight from the pack, or refrigerated. If you need to warm the sausages, you can opt for microwaving them or letting them warm in hot water.

Simply boil the water, let it cool to a warmer temperature so that it remains hot, but not boiling. Then put the sausages in and let them sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Ensure you’re not overcooking them.

Are Canned Vienna Sausages Cooked?

Yes, canned Vienna sausages are cooked when you buy them. You can eat them easily out of the can or choose to cook them. If you are going to cook canned Vienna sausages, we strongly advise not boiling them because that would make them rather unappealing.

You can fry, roast, or even grill them – you can also add them to several recipes, eat them cold, or heat them slightly before eating them. It is important to note that you should not overcook Vienna sausages, whatever method you choose to cook them in, you should do it slightly and only to make them warm or add a little texture.

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Tips for Cooking Vienna Sausages

Here are some recipe ideas for cooking Vienna sausages:

  • Pigs in a blanket
  • Sausage and beef bread boats
  • Creamy embutido
  • Corn dogs
  • Sausage stew/soup
  • Stir fry with veggies
  • Vienna nachos
  • Sausage pancakes
  • Add to flavored rice, pasta, scrambled eggs, pork stew, noodles
  • Breakfast burrito with eggs and sausages
  • Pickled sausage
  • Fideo
  • Berner wurstel
  • Seaweed rolled sausage sushi
  • Milky sopas
  • Sausage mac and cheese
  • Bread Vienna sausage rolls
  • Arroz con salchichas
  • Sausage and potato skillet
  • Sausage sandwich with cheese and eggs

Vienna sausages are versatile and tasty enough to be added to breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. There are so many ways to eat the sausages. You can have them straight from the package, refrigerated, in soups, stews or broths, cut up into small pieces and added to a dish, fried, roasted, grilled, stir-fried, and so on. You can also come up with your creative recipes with Vienna sausages.

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How you decide to eat Vienna sausages completely depends on you and your preferences. Some would rather have them directly from the package, while others would rather make them browner, crispier, or softer. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed a fun and super tasty meal.

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