Top 10 Instagram Famous Self-Made Chefs to Follow for Great Dining Recipes at Home

Instagram has become an influence on people worldwide; whether it’s about exercising or making scrumptious dishes at home, Instagram has got it all covered. Speaking of which, many talented chefs are a source of culinary inspiration on this platform who share their unique creations and mouthwatering recipes. 

You can find some of the best inspiration, get creative influence, and find someone you can synchronize with to learn to cook and find a new passion. Social media has hyped people to follow their passion by following others in the same field. 

There are many options to check out and keep up-to-date. You just need to be online to make it happen and stay connected too. In the present day, you need the internet to stay connected at all times and follow your daily activities through too. 

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You can follow chefs online and learn through their exceptional skills, creativity, and charisma that have earned a myriad of followers, making them beloved in the world of home cooking. Let’s check them out below:

1. Roze Traore @rozetraore

Extraordinaire Roze Traore captivates his audience with a delicious blend of French and African flavors. With over 81K followers, he displays his creative plating and bright flavors, giving each dish a delightful visual and aromatic experience. 

“Afro-French Fusion Cuisine,” the cookbook that Roze wrote, is an essential resource for anyone wishing to cook his unique recipes at home. His YouTube channel also provides more in-depth cooking tutorials, which further solidifies his reputation as a varied culinary star.

2. Tieghan Gerard @halfbakedharvest

The creative mind behind “Half Baked Harvest,” Tieghan Gerard, has an impressive 5.3 million Instagram followers. Her specialty is warm, inviting recipes with a contemporary touch. Her much-praised cookbooks such as the well-known “Half-Baked Harvest Cookbook,” offer a thorough guide to her delectable recipes. She uses her blog to share recipes that are even more delicious and insights into her world of cooking, acting as an extension of her Instagram presence.

3. Julia Sherman @saladforpresident

Julia Sherman has an avid following of 76.8K. Her Instagram feed highlights the splendor of greens, is fascinating, and demonstrates her love for salads and plant-based delicacies. In addition, Julia has a cookbook known as “Salad for President: A Cookbook Inspired using Artists”, which delves into the connection between art and food similar to providing recipes. Her weblog explores her love of fusing meals and artwork in detail.

4. Andrew Rea @bingingwithbabish

Andrew Rea is well-known for his recreations of classic dishes from TV shows and movies. The results of his educational and entertaining “Binging with Babish” videos are his cookbook, “Binging with Babish: 100 Recipes Recreated from Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows.” For both movie lovers and foodies, this book is a goldmine, and his YouTube channel provides even more in-depth instructions on how to recreate your favorite dishes from movies.

5. Alison Roman @alisoneroman

Alison Roman, a former columnist for Bon Appétit, is renowned for her elegantly simple recipes. Her 733k followers adore her stylish and original take on comfort food, which she shares. She has established herself in the food industry with her cookbook, “Nothing Fancy: Unfussy Food for Having People Over.” Her recipes are easy to follow and perfect for anyone looking to delight guests with a casual yet elegant dinner.

6. Amanda Frederickson @foodminimalist

Amanda Frederickson is an expert at making dishes with a minimal number of ingredients, proving that in the kitchen, less really is more. On her blog, “The Food Minimalist,” Amanda also posts her recipes and advice, offering a wealth of information for people who value flavor and simplicity in their food.

7. Rachel Gurjar @rachelgurjar

With more than 80k followers, Rachel Gurjar is well-known for her delicious traditional and modern Indian recipes. Her Instagram feed features a rainbow of vivid spices and curries. Rachel is a go-to resource for anyone wishing to delve deeper into the rich and varied realm of Indian cuisine because of her blog, “Rachna Cooks,” which provides more insights into her culinary prowess.

8. Jason Schreiber @thedelicious

Jason Schreiber is known for the aesthetics of fine dining and mouthwatering cuisine. He creates beautiful culinary recipes with the collaboration of famous chefs and other agencies. His account is pleasing to people who love the artistry of plating and fine dining.

9. Justine Pechuzal @thegreedymodel

Because of her delicious desserts and sweet treats, Justine Pechuzal has gained over 200k followers. Her love of baking is evident in every post. In addition, Justine runs “The Greedy Model Bakery”, an online bakery where she sells her exquisite creations to the general public. She is, therefore, the ideal person to look up to if you have a sweet tooth and adore all things baked.

10. Joshua Weissman @joshuaweissman

Popular YouTuber Joshua Weissman uses Instagram to display his culinary prowess. He’s a favorite among the fans because of his entertaining and funny style of cooking. With so many recipes and tutorials available on his YouTube channel, his fans can easily learn how to make his delectable creations. Joshua is a fantastic option for anyone looking for entertaining as well as inspirational cooking because of his engaging demeanor and approachable style.


In addition to being skilled cooks, these self-made chefs have embraced the digital sphere as a platform to display their culinary abilities. 

Following these Instagram-famous chefs is a surefire way to expand your culinary horizons and improve your home dining experience, regardless of your level of culinary expertise. You will undoubtedly discover a world of flavors, techniques, and inspiration at your fingertips with their amazing recipes and knowledgeable advice.

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