Pit Boss Smoke Stack Adjustment – How To Adjust Pit Boss Chimney

Pit Boss smoke stack adjustment can affect the grilling time and results. A Pit Boss smoke stack or chimney may cause some confusion to the end-users. Most people don’t know if the chimney should be closed or open during use. If you find yourself facing the same difficulty, the following article is not to be missed.

What is Pit Boss Smoke Stack, and what’s it used for?

A Pit Boss smoke stack is the chimney attached to one side of the main barrel, facing the hopper located on the opposite side. If you adjust the chimney properly, proper airflow will be formed to help you achieve the most accurate cooking results.

Some pellet grills you encounter on the market today come with smoke stacks, such as Pit Boss pellet grills. The working mechanism of the chimney can be explained based on thermodynamics. This science is mainly about determining the heat loss coefficients related to moisture content, air density, wind velocity, steel and surface area.

The science of thermodynamics can’t be fully comprehended by everyone, especially non-physicists. However, it plays an essential role in the working mechanism of the chimney on the grill.

Pit Boss smoke stack is the chimney attached to one side of the main barrel
Pit Boss smoke stack is the chimney attached to one side of the main barrel

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Pit Boss smoke stack adjustment ultimate guidance

The ideal height of the smoke stack

It’s necessary to know if the Pit Boss smoke stacks are supposed to be left open or closed. If you’ve read the Pit Boss user’s guide, a wide open smoke stack on the grill will improve air circulation when grilling at lower heat.

That being said, the manual doesn’t specify the ideal height. The answer is usually based on your cooking habits and experiences. Some users adjust the height of the smoke stack so that the gap between the pipe and the cap is big enough to stick a thick piece of cardboard in between. Other people say that the chimney needs to be high enough for you to stick your middle finger and index finger between it.

If you visit the Traeger website, the distance from the bottom of the smoke stack cap to the pipe needs to be 1 to 2 inches. Smaller distances will result in poor airflow and bad cooking results. This also applies to Pit Boss pellet grills and other similar products.

Pit Boss smoke stack adjustment

The chimney on the grill is quite easy to adjust and can be done by anyone. To raise the height, turn the smoke stack to the left counterclockwise. Turn it to the right in a clockwise direction to remove the cover.

The chimney only needs to be adjusted the first time you assemble your Bit Boss. Leave the opening from 1 to 2 inches and never adjust it again throughout use.

Leave the opening from 1 to 2 inch on your Pit Boss smoke stack
Leave the opening from 1 to 2 inch on your Pit Boss smoke stack

Is it necessary to open the smoke stack?

If your Pit Boss pellet grill comes with a chimney, it’s important to leave it open. If the cap is lowered or tightly sealed, the airflow won’t be able to flow freely, which makes the grill produce less heat. Moreover, the blocked airflow can also lead to a buildup of gasses that can explode.

If your Pit Boss is used on a windy day or cold weather, you can adjust the opening on the smokestack a little smaller. This will help avoid alteration in temperatures but never close the smoke stack completely.

Some pellet grills come with chimneys that are non-adjustable. These pre-modified chimneys are always open, not closed.

You need to pay attention that if your Pit Boss has only one chimney, it must always be open. The reason is that when you choose to lower or close the lid, the air flow into the Pit Boss is limited. Then the heat generated will be less than opening.

Next, if the Pit Boss is closed, the air cannot circulate freely. This will cause the grill to accumulate gas for a long time, which can cause a fire or explosion. If people are grilling food during the winter or on windy days, a smaller hole can be left in the top of the chimney. This action can prevent the fluctuating temperature from becoming more stable. However, it must still be noted that if there is only 1 exhaust pipe, it should not be closed completely.


The right way to use the Pit Boss smoke stack

The smokestack requires no further adjustment during use. Just make sure that its height is set properly to facilitate the airflow while grilling. Other than that, there’s nothing else you need to do regularly.

However, some people may argue that adjusting the smokestack is necessary whenever you’re grilling on a cold and windy day.

Pit Boss smoke stack adjustment is not necessary during use
Pit Boss smoke stack adjustment is not necessary during use

Pit Boss smoke stack Cleaning Tips

It’s recommended to clean your Pit Boss smoke stack every six months. However, it also depends on how often you use the pellet grill. Here is the step by step guide to cleaning the chimney most safely:

Step 1: Wait until the grill is cooled down, then unplug the grill.

Step 2: Remove the smoke stack cover, then clean the interior space of the smoke stack using a brush or old cloth. The buildup of black soot is found inside the chimney and on the back of the main barrel – the place where the smoke stack is located. Never clean the interior space with water because this will lead to the grill rust over time.

Step 3: When you’re done cleaning, assemble the cover on the smokestack again.

Modifying the chimney on your pellet grill may help to improve the airflow or simply give the grill a more attractive look. Some people say that a bigger smoke stack is the key to better airflow and efficiency of the grill. Furthermore, it will also help vent hot gasses away when grilling. Moreover, even if your pellet grill doesn’t have a smoke stack in the first place, it’s also possible to add one if you want.

Above is the complete guide about Pit Boss smoke stack adjustment. Hopefully, you will find the answer you need through the help of this article. Bourbon O suggests that you can try different adjustments to know which one is the right choice for you.

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