How to Make Krusteaz Waffles Better – Step-By-Step

Whether you consider breakfast the most important meal of the day or the meal of champions, we can all agree that everyone loves a good waffle for breakfast. Waffles make great meals but boxed waffles tend to be seen as a bit plain by some. It’s a good thing then that boxed mixes don’t have to always be equal to boring waffles and I’m here to show you how.

Although one of the best brands, there are still ways to make Krusteaz waffles better such that you’re not only left wanting more, but your waffles are just as good as those served in your favorite restaurant! It doesn’t matter if you’re hooked on Krusteaz waffles already or you’re giving trying it out a thought, all you need to know to make your Krusteaz waffles better can be found right here, so don’t hesitate to dig in.

How to Make Krusteaz Waffles Better

There are different ways to make Krusteaz waffles better, but they can all be grouped into either of three categories namely; additions, substitutions, and toppings.


Your choice of what to add to your Krusteaz waffles can go a long way to make it better, enhancing its flavor. Some great options for additions include;

  • Lemon or Orange Zest – you can never go wrong with a little lemon or orange rind grated into your Krusteaz waffle mix. The tangy and fresh waffles you end up with are simply divine and can be topped with whipped cream for the ultimate luxury waffle.
  • Flavors – vanilla, cinnamon and butterscotch flavors, etc., all make great additions. You can also add any other flavoring according to your preferences.
  • Cocoa powder – if you love chocolate, this is for you as your waffles will end up chocolate-flavored. Just be sure not to add too much cocoa powder to prevent your waffles from becoming bitter.
  • Pinch of Salt – if you favor salt in dishes, try adding a pinch of salt to your waffle mix. You’ll end up with a flavor that goes well with syrup or fruit.


Substituting some of the ingredients required for the mix can make Krusteaz waffles better by a mile. The two substitutions that can make this happen are;

  • Butter for Oil – using butter instead of oil will add a delicious creamy taste to your waffles. Make sure you melt the butter before using it to get the most out of it.
  • Milk for Water – milk as a substitute for water makes your waffles richer especially if whole milk is used. An option for lactose-intolerant persons is to use nut milk such as almond milk instead of whole milk.


Even the plainest waffles can be made exquisite with toppings; I mean there’s a reason why “cherry on top” is used to describe something that makes an already good thing even better! Here are some of the best toppings you can use to make Krusteaz waffles better.

  • Syrups; chocolate syrup, maple syrup, strawberry syrup, etc.
  • Fruits; dry or fresh
  • Nuts
  • Chocolate chips
  • Jam

How to Make Krusteaz Waffles Crispy – The Secret to Crispy Waffles

Make Sure Your Waffle Maker Is Hot

If your waffle maker isn’t hot when you put in your batter, moisture in the batter won’t turn to steam to evaporate through the sides of the waffle maker, leaving the moisture trapped in and your waffles soggy. To prevent this, heat your waffle maker for at least 5 minutes before you start using it – even if the light indicator is saying it’s ready before that time, and for 1 minute between refills while making your waffles.

Use Cornstarch

Adding a bit of cornstarch into your waffle mix helps your waffles to get the perfect crisp without affecting the fluffiness of the inside.

Use as Much Batter as Your Waffle Maker Can Handle

Putting in more batter than your waffle maker can handle results in spills while putting in less than it can handle can leave you with waffles that are not crisp. Fill your waffle maker to its maximum capacity if you want your Krusteaz waffles crisp.

Do Not Open the Waffle Maker Until the Waffles Are Done

The moisture in waffles is released as steam as the waffles cook; do not open the waffle maker until you’re sure there is no more steam left. Taking them out too early leaves moisture trapped in them, and that can make them soggy.

Place Freshly Made Waffles on a Wire Rack

Always use a wire rack instead of a pan, tray, or plate to place your waffles that are fresh out of the waffle maker. This allows the steam from the hot waffles to blow off instead of being trapped where they can then condense and make the waffles soggy.

Bake in an Oven When Done

Baking your finished waffles in an oven helps get rid of extra moisture without burning the waffles. Preheat the oven to 250°F before you start making your waffles, then place the finished waffles on a wire rack in the oven as soon as each batch is finished, leave for 5 – 10 minutes in the oven before serving.

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Is Krusteaz Waffle Mix Good?

Yes, Krusteaz waffle mix is good. Matter of fact, it is considered one of the best-boxed mixes and can be found in every list or suggestion of the best waffle mix to buy.

What to Add to Waffles to Make Them Better?

There are different things you can add to waffles to make them better, you can add toppings such as melted chocolate, maple syrup, dried or fresh fruits, or mix in flavors such as vanilla into the batter before making. You can also substitute milk for water or butter for oil to have a more rich and creamy taste for your waffles.

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How Do You Make Waffles Crispy in A Waffle Maker?

Preheat the waffle maker properly for up to 5 minutes before you start using it, and allow it to reheat for 1 minute between refills.

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