How To Cook Rice In The Microwave (Simple Method)

The microwave is used to cook rice nowadays, as it’s cheaper, less time-consuming, and tastes better compared to a rice cooker or stovetop.

You can cook both kinds of rice, brown and white in a microwave, and its taste and looks the same as cooked by a rice cooker or a stovetop. Many individuals think rice cooked in the microwave makes the rice taste better.

Not only that, you get all in one factor with the microwave, it means from cooking the rice to eating it, you can use the microwave to do it all. Also, it’s easy to maintain afterward.

But the issue is many of you don’t know how to cook your rice in a microwave. Well to be blunt, you’re worried for no reason, as cooking in it is easy as pie.

However, for your consideration, we’ll discuss an appropriate method of cooking rice in the microwave in the upcoming segment.

Rice Cooking Methods In The Microwave

Rice Cooking Methods In The Microwave
Rice Cooking Methods In The Microwave

Using a microwave rice cooker to cook the rice is indeed possible, if you don’t know how to cook in it, then it’s better that you learn because you never know you might need it, especially when you’re on a vacation, where you don’t have access to a stovetop or a cooker.

No worries, here we’re about to show you the appropriate method of cooking rice with the microwave.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the cooking.

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Required Ingredients

Before we begin, we would like to share the ingredients you’ll need to cook rice in the microwave.

  • Rice (your preferred kind)
  • Water ( 1-2 cups as per ½ -¼  ratio of rice)
  • Salt (according to the taste)

Now that we’ve shown you the proper ingredients, let’s get started with the cooking method.


Step-1 Prep The Rice

Pour the necessary amount of rice into the microwave dish and thoroughly rinse the rice with tap water, drain the water from the rice afterward.

Then add the necessary measured water into the rice, check the water clarity and level before you put it inside the microwave.  

Step-2 Microwave The Rice On High, Uncovered

Don’t put the microwave’s cover right away, first, you need to heat the rice on the highest settings for about 10 minutes. You can set a timer including the time and heat setting in a microwave.

Step-3 Microwave The Rice On Medium, Covered

When the timer bell rings, it’s time to cook the rice in a covered manner. But first, check the rice condition, it should be even with the water.

If not, remove the extra water and make the water level similar to the rice. After that place, put a cover on the rice bowl and cook it for up to 15 minutes on a medium setting. 

Step-4 Rest, Covered

The next part is simple but crucial. It’s time to leave the rice to rest for 5 minutes uninterrupted inside the microwave. By doing so, you’re allowing the rice grains to soak in the steam, thus allowing the rice to get the necessary fluff to make it tasty.

Step- 5 Fluff And Serve

After all that, it’s time to serve the rice. Now you need to carefully serve the rice in your serve dish without burning yourself because the rice would be hot.

You might want to cover your eyes too from the steam while serving the rice unless you want to hurt your eyes. Then you have your fluffy rice ready to eat.

Please Note– using too much water can make your rice too soft, less water can make it dry, using the right amount of water is crucial in cooking rice.

If you were wondering, can you reheat your rice in the microwave? then the answer is yes.

To reheat the cooked rice, you need to add a bit of water before you put the rice inside the microwave, then start heating the rice for 3-5 minutes, and wallah your cooked rice is reheated nice and warm.

Why Use Microwaves For Cooking Rice?

Why Use Microwaves For Cooking Rice?
Why Use Microwaves For Cooking Rice?

You might be wondering why you need to use the microwave for cooking rice? Well, you’re not the only one, many people ask such questions. Well, you’ll find the answer in the given segment below.


Why buy a stovetop or a cooker for 300 to 1000 dollars when you can buy a good microwave for 16 to 30 dollars.

As you can see a microwave is way cheaper compared to other cookware, so why not use it?

Less Cleanup

If you’ve been cooking with the stovetop or a cooker, you know what a hassle it is to clean them up afterward.

However, the microwave comes with two sections, base, and lid, both are washable in your dishwasher. So it’s much easier to clean up.

Easy Cooking

As you know cooking on a stovetop or a cooker, you need to stand tall around the kitchen while cooking rice. Unlike it, you don’t need to stay around the kitchen to cook your rice with the microwave. Just add the ingredients you need and close the top. After 25 minutes or less your rice will be ready to eat. And it tastes the same.

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If you’re serious about cooking your rice in a microwave, then we suggest you get a good microwave rice cooker. It’s crucial to have a good microwave to give your rice the necessary fluff it needs.

Having said that, we now believe you have all the necessary information to cook your rice in a microwave. Now you too will be able to use the microwave to cook your rice.

By Luong Tan

Luong Tan, the creative and passionate founder of Bourbono, is a multi-talented individual with a deep love for the culinary arts. An accomplished food blogger, cookbook author, and former Ambassador of US cuisine in Vietnam (2015-2016), Luong has been on a mission to share his appreciation for food with the world.


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