Does Honey Mustard Have Dairy?

Although dairy is commonly marketed as food to aid stronger bones, it has been noted to contribute to some very familiar health issues, like digestive problems, heart issues, type 1 diabetes, and certain kinds of cancers.

If you love to enjoy that sweet and spicy but sour taste of honey mustard but have health concerns, you’d have asked questions like: Does honey mustard have dairy? Should I take honey mustard as a person who is lactose intolerant? Is honey mustard good for my gluten-free diet?

Come with me on this mind-opening journey as we unlock this fascinating condiment.

Does honey mustard have dairy?

No, honey mustard does not have dairy. Usually, honey mustard is made up of predominantly dairy-free ingredients like mustard seed, sugar, honey, water, and vinegar.

Does this mean that all honey mustard brands are dairy-free? No, I would greet that question with skepticism.  This is why it is imperative to check the content of the honey mustard brand we intend to buy.

Later in this article, we’ll mention some common sources of dairy or milk you should look out for when shopping for not just honey mustard brands but largely cooking/food needs.

Does honey mustard dressing have dairy?

Fortunately, it does not! Honey mustard dressing doesn’t contain dairy source ingredients.

Here are some fundamental ingredients used for honey mustard dressing, all of which are dairy-free:

  1. Mustard
  2. Honey
  3. Vinegar
  4. Salt and ground black pepper
  5. Olive oil

Even though some honey mustard dressing may contain mayo, this doesn’t make them a dairy food as mayonnaise is made from the emulsification of eggs, oil, and some kinds of acid (could be vinegar or lemon juice) and not dairy source products like milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, cream, whey, etc.

Does honey mustard have honey?

Yes, it does. Honey mustard, like the name entails, is made with honey. Honey mustard gets its characteristic slightly sweet taste from the honey used to make it. Fun fact: the honey in honey mustard helps balance out the sharp-flavored taste unique to honey mustard.

Honey has incredible health benefits, from improving digestion to its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, I think the honey in honey mustard is a 10/10 idea!

Does honey mustard have soy?

They do sometimes, depending on the brand. This is also the case for homemade honey mustard.

For people and brands who add it, soy is a preferential ingredient. Adding soy to your honey mustard condiment is a choice and not an essential part of honey mustard sauce.

Honey mustard soy sauce can be described as a blend of spicy, sweet, and whipped, somewhat velvety even.

Honey mustard is one condiment that leaves room for versatility. Other unconventional ingredients that can be added include; paprika, cinnamon, turmeric, onions, carrot extract among others.

Soy is just a drop of water in a stream.

Does honey mustard have gluten?

Not all the time, no. The predisposition of honey mustard to be gluten-free is dependent on the type of vinegar and the type of mustard used as honey is gluten-free by nature.

If incase, vinegar made with gluten ingredients or wheat is used to make the honey mustard, then it is not suitable for a gluten-free diet. This is why distilled vinegar is a safer choice when making honey mustard. If you’re celiac, here are some types of non-gluten-free vinegar to look out for in the ingredients when shopping for honey mustard; Some Asian rice vinegar, rye vinegar, malt vinegar, and flavored vinegar.

Also, honey mustard can have gluten if the mustard used to make it is not naturally of the gluten-free variety. This includes mustard made from generally brewed beverages like beer or ale.

If you’re celiac or shopping for someone who is, these are some important things to look out for to maintain a healthy diet!

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Does honey mustard have eggs?

It is not unconventional for honey mustard to be made with eggs. It all depends on the product in question.

Nevertheless, honey mustard doesn’t necessarily need eggs. It’s not a necessary addition.

Honey mustard with eggs is not a great choice for a vegan diet. Brands that offer egg-free honey mustard are a better bet. You will be well served as a vegan when you avoid such mustard choices.

Brands like Inglehoffer and G Hughes Sugar-Free Honey Mustard make their honey mustard with eggs. Always check the honey mustard ingredients if eggs pose a major concern for you.

Shopping for healthy food isn’t a walk in the park. There’re loads of research, checking, and rechecking of information to make sure it’s all right.

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How can you know which honey mustard is dairy-free? What ingredients do you look out for?

Here are some dairy source products you should look out for when shopping not just for honey mustard but your entire food needs:

  • Cheese, custard, cream, butter, margarine, butterfat, butter oil, pudding, artificial butter flavor, caseinates like sodium, calcium, aluminum, and magnesium.
  • It will pay you to avoid foods containing Hydrolysates like whey protein, protein, whey, milk protein, and casein.
  • Lactalbumin and lactalbumin phosphate, any form of milk (skimmed, whole, low-fat, non-fat), yogurt, sour cream, nisin, nougat, and recaldent.
  • Lactose, hot dogs, sausages, simplesse, chocolate, caramel flavorings, brown sugar flavorings, and flavorings as a whole.

If you are on a strict dairy-free diet, we urge you to always check for these before buying a product or eating anything.

With all these, we hope we have been able to cater to your initial concern ‘Does honey mustard have dairy?’ and even more to your satisfaction!

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