Can You Whip Egg Whites in a Blender: Perfect Guide

Egg whites are not only used to decorate cakes with buttercream but also are the main ingredients for making delicious cakes. One of the most important things when making a cake from eggs is how the eggs are beaten.

In this content, Bourbon will tell you can you whip egg whites in a blender? Knowing this principle, you can make your own delicious cakes at home. Don’t miss it!

Ingredients to be prepared

Egg whites:

Absolutely do not mix egg whites with yolks or fat because even a little bit will not make eggs.

If the yolk is accidentally stuck, you can use the eggshell to remove it, but if too much is stuck, the best way is to make a new bowl of egg whites.

Use fresh eggs and absolutely do not beat eggs when they are still cold (in case of storing eggs in the refrigerator).

To be able to choose good eggs, you should choose fruits with rough skin, slightly rough to the touch.
If you look at the eggs under the light, you will see that there is a round, non-motile yolk sac, transparent white or light pink, so you should buy it.

When shaking the egg, feel the strong movement of the egg, stay away because it is a spoiled egg.

For those who are beating egg whites with a blender for the first time will inevitably be surprised and fail. Be patient and do it many times to become more fluent. If not, beat the eggs with your hand or a specialized whisk to get used to it and then use a blender with a higher difficulty.


Sugar plays a role in making egg whites elastic, has a pliable shine, and helps the mixture not to dry out and swell like soap bubbles.

It should be added when the eggs have been whipped relatively fluffy and should only be added little by little to ensure that the sugar is completely dissolved with the eggs.

You should also prioritize using powdered this sweet or finely ground sugar to speed up the whipping process of egg whites.


Cream of tartar: This ingredient can be replaced with lemon juice or vinegar, acting as a catalyst to help the egg whites become fluffy faster, not dry if over-beaten. In particular, cream of tartar also helps to slow down the water separation of the mixture. Usually with 1 egg white, add about 1/8 teaspoon of cream of tartar when the mixture has been whipped for about 30 seconds, with many large air bubbles.

Cream of tartar
Cream of tartar

Prepare Tools Tools
Two indispensable tools when whisking egg whites are a bowl and a blender.

You should choose large, high-walled bowls so that when whip, the mixture does not splash out.

Plastic, aluminum, or wooden bowls are not recommended as they are difficult to clean and aluminum will cause the egg whites to turn gray.

Make sure the bowl and whisk are clean, absolutely free of fat.

Whip egg whites with a blender Instruction

Separate the egg yolks and egg whites. You can break the egg and then use the egg to decant the yolk into a separate bowl. Or simply you can whip egg whites in a blender. This step is very important because just adding a little yolk will not be able to whip the egg white by a blender.

A little trick is that you can put the egg whites in the refrigerator. At this point, it will be easier to separate the egg whites. At the same time, you should choose fresh eggs, not stale.

whip egg whites
Whip egg whites

If you don’t have a dedicated whisk, you can beat the egg whites with a blender. Thoroughly clean the blender, do not mix impurities, make sure it’s clean!

Store egg white in a stainless steel or glass bowl, not in an aluminum bowl because it will affect the color of the eggs.

When you have fully prepared and cleaned the tools, you can whip the egg whites with a blender as follows:

Whip egg white by blender

Add a pinch of salt to the egg white bowl and then can you whip eggs whites with a blender. Initially, you choose the smallest grinding level, until the egg white is foamy. You can add cream of Tartar or you can replace it with 4-5 drops of vinegar or lemon juice. Continue to turn on the light blending function until the egg whites are fluffy, foam.

You add a little sugar and then turn on the blender vigorously to combine the sugar and eggs. Note, do not add too much sugar at once because it will reduce the softness and fluffiness of the egg white.

Stages when you whip egg whites with a blender:

Soft Peak (soft cotton): Often used to make a Japanese cheesecake.

Stiff Peak: Often used to make round chiffon, cake, sponge cake, macaron, salted egg sponge cake, …

Over Beaten: This stage occurs when you whip the egg white for too long by a blender, forming clumps. Therefore, please pay attention to the time of whisking to avoid this situation!

Tips to help whip egg whites with a blender easily

The first thing can you whip egg whites by a blender easily, you need to make sure that the egg whites are not mixed with impurities. Make sure tools such as blender, whisk, etc. must be washed and dried.

The addition of cream of tartar helps to make the egg whites more fluffy and at the same time prevents the egg white from being beaten too hard.

The amount of sugar must also be added in a moderate way to avoid a lot of air bubbles when adding less, and if you add too much sugar, the egg whites will be thick and hard.

You should whip the egg white by a blender at low to high speed so that the eggs are fluffy and the air bubbles in the egg whites are not broken.

Bourbon O, those who first beat egg whites with a blender will certainly inevitably be surprised and fail. Be patient and do it many times to get better at it! If not, beat the eggs with your hand or a specialized whisk to get used to it, then use a blender with a higher difficulty!

By Luong Tan

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