6 Best Pizza Stones with Handles and Racks

When Cooking with handy kitchen utensils, you don’t have to worry about positioning your hand in a certain way to pick up or put the utensil in place. That sounds like bliss if you ask me. 

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Three

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If you’ve used pizza stones that did not have handles or racks and you suddenly got a pizza stone that came with handles or racks, you’d agree with me, that it does get easier. Here’s a list of our best pizza stones with handles and racks, should incase you consider going in that direction. 

Best Pizza Stones with Handles and Racks

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Ritual Life Pizza Stone – Best Pizza Stone with Handles and Racks

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Ritual life three-piece pizza stone set comes in a well-boxed, neat packaging that feeds the eye. 

This cordierite pizza stone comes with a super handy wooden peel and a stainless-steel knife that ultimately sets it apart. For most, the most exciting part of this utensil is its handles. Its handles offer a user-friendly way to handle the stone and the pizza without fuss. 

This high-quality pizza stone comes with a wooden peel that is made with acacia wood that feels dense to the touch. The density of the peel offers a sturdier way to handle your pizza. 

Although it cooks pizzas evenly and it may be easy to use, it is not so easy to clean and some pizza residue may stick to the stone. 

With the ritual life pizza stone, you may enjoy a warm, and delicious pizza, but clean time may not be a 10/10. 

Pampered Chef Large Round Stone – Best Pizza Stone for Gas Grill

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You can say goodbye to soggy pizza crusts with Pampered Chef Large Round Pizza Stone, another great product on our list of the best pizza stones with handles and racks. 

If you like crusty pizzas, you just may fall in love with this stone. It cooks your pizza evenly and gives you that delicious to-die-for crust. 

However, this pizza stone is said to be of questionable quality and may not be worth the price. This 5-pound heavy stone has been noted to break after quite some time, even on low/medium heat. This very discouraging feature is likely because this pizza stone is incredibly lightweight. This causes it to crumble under consistent exposure to heat. 

Another disappointing downside is its packaging, it may cook your pizza well but when it is first delivered, you may not like what you see. The stone has an egg-crate-like material on the top, and the bottom and sides are left bare. Considering that it is lightweight, this may cause breakage problems.

Notwithstanding, this pizza stone is easy to use, handy, and easy to maintain

Lodge BW15PP 15-inch Seasoned Cast iron Pizza Pan

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This 9.97-pound cast iron pizza pan does not just evenly cook your pizzas, it is also easier to clean and doesn’t pose the risk of getting cracked. This pizza pan gets the job thoroughly done. 

Seeing its density, it is no surprise that it can be used on direct heat, on a gas pizza oven, and it properly fits into a 22 inches kettle grill with no hassle. Did I mention that it can go on open fire too? Because it most definitely can!

Because it tends to handle and retain heat well, it can go on your grill to let that wood fire taste leech into your pizza.

Despite its big size, this pizza pan is quite easy to carry due to its handles. Seems to be a popular favorite amongst home pizza makers. 

PIT BOSS 70137 15” Pizza Stone – Best Pizza Stone Made in USA

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Receiving your order of this pizza stone might be exciting till you get to find out how much styrofoam it was tightly wrapped in. If you’re pretty health-conscious, this may bother you.

Pit Boss 70137 Pizza Stone has quickly picked up the reputation of breaking easily. The material seems quite fragile that sometimes it may break even without consistent contact with heat. Some users have reported that this pizza stone came broken, that’s absolutely bad repute if you ask me.

Regardless of its reputation of being easily broken, crispy crusts are the order of the day with this pizza stone. Unsurprisingly, this 15” pizza stone has also picked up a reputation for crumbling under heat.

Legend Cast Iron Pizza Pan – Best Pizza Stone for Charcoal Grill

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Excellent heat distribution and retention. Perfect pizza crust. Easy to clean. All for a great cost. That is how we’ll describe the next pizza stone on this list of the best pizza stones with handles and racks.

The legend cast iron pizza pan puts the “wonder” in “wonderful” with making pizzas. 

This pizza pan can go on direct heat or open fire like a campfire. Another plus to this product is its non-stick feature. You get to cook your pizza knowing fully well that clean time will be easy. 

The downside to this pizza pan is that it begins to rust after some time and the fact that it may not be dishwasher-friendly.

Also, this pizza pan has a sandpaper-like surface that feels like it may cut you if your finger takes a quick slide over it. 

Finally, this pizza pan doesn’t come pre-seasoned and requires manual seasoning and this may be very off-putting if you’re used to pre-seasoned pizza stones and pans. 

Louisiana Grills 60137 Pizza Stone – Best Pizza Stone for Gas Grill

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A high-quality pizza stone with handles? Yes, please! That is what the Louisiana Grills Pizza stone is, the last product on this list of the best pizza stones with handles and racks.

This pizza stone is made using a durable and sturdy ceramic material. The handles make the pizza cooking process even easier, the handiness of it is satisfying.

Louisiana Grills 60137 Pizza Stone make evenly cooked pizzas and the handles are one of its top-notch features as they make it easier to maneuver.