911 drink: Easy Recipe At Home

Introduction to 911 drink

On hot summer days or after a tiring day from work, you need something to help you relax and relieve the pressure. There is nothing more wonderful than making yourself a simple but delicious drink and sipping it while watching the scenery at night. For me, my always favorite drink is the 911 drink because it’s pretty easy to make and very stimulating to drink. Today bourbono will learn about it with you.

We can’t drink without, can we? Because it is quite boring, it will be more interesting to have 1-2 snacks when drinking with it. If you buy a few packs of snacks from the convenience store, that’s fine, but it’s not high in nutritional content, especially it will make you gain weight, you know because it contains a lot of oil and sugar.

You don’t need to be too fussy, just open youtube or google and watch a few easy-to-make dishes when drinking together. For me, things that are not too fussy and quick are especially loved by me. I will leave this job to you, but in the framework of this article I don’t want you to get too much information, so I just focus on how to make a 911 drink and the related wines you can choose from choosing.

Introduction to 911 drink
Introduction to 911 drink

Another thing I also want to share with you is how come I have such great drink recipes to share with you. I will reveal it soon and don’t keep you waiting any longer. That is 70 “Take Away” Drinks Prepared At Home. Thanks to it, I can refer to many interesting recipes and create new ones of my own. It was the same boring time that I discovered the 911 drink recipe. I had to say, “It’s so amazing” and I was heartbroken with it. The ingredients are also only encapsulated in 3 things, but I will show you in more detail later.

Ingredients and preparation of 911 drink

I will recommend the recipe for 2 people because you should also share your own sweet results with other loved ones. And don’t forget to ask for valuable comments to improve.

  • Tequila: 60ml
  • Vodka: 60ml
  • Lime juice: 30ml
  • Ice cubes
  • bird’s eye chilies: 8

The steps are also very simple. You just need to put all the ingredients into the shaker but remember to remove the 2 chili peppers we will use later, and put them in the shaker with lots of ice. Shake vigorously for 9-11 seconds. Then strain the ice into a chilled martini glass. And use the 2 chili peppers just used to decorate. So you’re done with a 911 drink. Now is the time to enjoy the results with your friends or loved ones. Wish you have happy moments.

Glass for 911 drink

Martini glass: This glass has a high base with a triangular shape, the capacity is about 12-14cl. People often call this glass by a familiar name, cocktail glass and it is often used to serve cocktails such as Classic Manhattan, Cosmopolitan, 911 drink,…

Margarita: This type of glass has a wide body, divided into 2 tiers with a wide base, 20-24cl capacity. It is specialized to serve fruit-flavored cocktails such as Strawberry Margarita, Daiquiri, …

Glass for 911 drink
Glass for 911 drink

How to store and use dispensing cups

  • For hot drinks, in order not to crack, before pouring, line the base of the glass with a wet towel or put a stainless steel spoon into the glass and then pour.
  • To clean glass dispensing cups, use a solution of water with yeasted powder to clean and use a clean soft cloth to wipe again.
  • When drying the glass, it should not be turned upside down because it is easy to make the glass cloudy and not deodorize.
  • To clean cloudy glasses, you can wash them with a solution of soap and hot water and rinse them with white water with a little vinegar. Above are the types of dispensing glasses that certain bars must-have. And surely thanks to these glasses, your 911 drink will be better.

Tequila for 911 drinks

Basically, there are two types of Tequila: Blended (Mixtos) and 100% aromatic Agave.

Blend Type (Mixtos)
Tequila blends containing not less than 51% agave juice. And alcohol from sugar makes up the rest. Tequila Mixtos uses both Glucose and Fructose sugars.

Tequila for 911 drinks
Tequila for 911 drinks

100% fragrant Agave
Wines made with 100% Agave Fructose, Blanco, or Plata are heavier and have stronger flavors of Distilled Agave, while Reposado and Anejo are more compact and mellow. Like wines aged in casks, fructose has a woody aroma, while the heavy undertones of the wine are softened. The main difference in the taste of 100% Agave Tequila is the difference in alcohol composition. So this variety has a more grassy flavor than the grain-based variety. So it’s very suitable for 911 drink

How to drink Tequila

Drink directly without lemon, salt
In the traditional Mexican way, tequila is drunk straight without adding lemon and salt. When drinking tequila, it is poured into narrow-shot glasses like the ones in the bar. Wine should not be chilled when drinking because low temperatures will significantly lose its flavor. However, some types of tequila have a warning on the bottle label that they should be chilled before drinking, which is like drinking a 911 drink. However, those are only low-quality tequila.

How to drink Tequila
How to drink Tequila

Drink tequila with lemon and salt
This way of drinking is very popular outside of Mexico, it is called “tequila cruda” or called in the order: lick – sip – suck (lick salt, drink tequila, suck lemon slice). It is done in detail as follows: lick the saliva and skin of the hands between the thumbs and forefingers, then sprinkle salt on that area, hold the lemon slice with the index finger and thumb, exhale, and lick the spot. salt in your hand, finish your shot of tequila, and suck on a slice of lemon.
This method of drinking is very popular, the three steps above are performed at the same time and repeated many times. This is also a great drink you can try after you buy a bottle of tequila to make the 911 drink that you don’t use.

Bourbono wishes you enjoy it deliciously and hope the above information will help you answer your questions about this special wine.

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