What to Look For When Buying Wood Pellet Storage Containers

As you already know, wood pellets are used for smoking. So unless you keep them dry, it will not be effective. Most people use wood pellet storage containers to keep the pellets safe from getting damaged. 

Wood pellet containers are specially meant to store wood pellets. It not only keeps them fresh but also retains the flavour. This is why you should get a high-quality wood pellet storage box. It can store your pellets for a long time.

A premium wood pellet container should have an ergonomic design. It is recommended to choose a food-grade plastic so the pellets don’t lose their flavour. But finding the right wood pellet container can be challenging. There are plenty of designs available, and you need to decide which one is right for your use.

To help you out, we have prepared a detailed guide. This will help you pick the best wood pellet storage box for yourself.

How to choose the best wood pellet storage container?

Wood Pellet Storage Containers
Wood Pellet Storage Containers

Wood pellet containers are not something that you purchase every day. You need to make sure that the product you are buying has all the features you need. This will help you to store your pellets effectively.

Here are the features you need to look for in a wood pellet storage box:


Durability is the most important thing to check when buying a wood pellet storage box. Heavy-duty containers made with food-grade materials are considered the best for storing wood pellets. 

Buying a durable container will keep your pellets safe and dry. Sometimes you may need to carry the containers, so make sure it is durable and portable. 


The next important thing to check is whether the container is weatherproof. Most pellet containers are both waterproof and weatherproof.

Most people use grills outdoors, so you will have to carry the pellet container with you. So you must make sure that the containers are strong enough to withstand the outside weather. A weatherproof container is easier to use outdoors. They will keep the pellets safe in the rain, snow, or bad weather.


Look for a pellet container that comes with an airtight lid. Otherwise, there’s no point in using a container.

An airtight lid is essential to keep the pellets dry and fresh for a long time. It also retains the flavour and prevents moisture from growing inside.


When buying a pellet container, it is important to consider its capacity. Most containers have a capacity of 20 lbs.

However, you will also find containers with higher capacity. The good thing is that pellet containers are available in different sizes. You should select the size based on the number of wood pellets you want to store.

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If you need more than one container, you will need more space to store them. But what do you do if you have limited space? This is why you should get stackable containers, as they don’t occupy much space.

Stackable containers can be stacked in a corner. All you have to do is stack them on top of one another.


If you are using pellets of different flavours, it will be confusing to find the exact flavour at the time of use. This is why you should consider labelling the containers.

By labelling the containers, you can mark individual flavours. Look for containers that come with flavour labels. This will make your work much easier.

Wood Pellet Storage Container Or Pellet Storage Bags?

You have two options when it comes to storing wood pellets – pellet storage containers and pellet storage bags. But we recommend you to go for a pellet container as they are much better than pellet bags.

Pellet containers are designed in such a way that it makes it easier to pour the pellets into the grills. In addition, most containers are made with food-grade plastic material, which helps retain the flavour for a longer time.

Pouring the pellets from a container is easier than bags. Bags can be clumsy to handle and make you waste pellets while pouring.

Another advantage of using containers is that they can store large amounts of pellets. They are easy to use and provide convenient storage for your pellets. Unlike pellet bags, containers can prevent moisture from entering inside them. This will help keep the pellets dry and fresh for a long time.

Pellet containers are also more durable than storage bags. It comes with an airtight lid and prevents leakage. Containers are best for storing pellets for a long time. But for instant use, you can rely on pellet storage bags.

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Wood Pellets Storage Tips

Wood Pellets Storage Tips
Wood Pellets Storage Tips

Here are some tips that will help you store your wood pellets effectively.

Don’t store it in the original packaging.

Wood pellet packages are not quality garbage bags. In most cases, the material is feeble and has holes in it. If you don’t want your pellets damaged due to moisture, you should store them somewhere else.

Use airtight containers

The best way to store wood pellets is to get an airtight container. Look for containers made of food-grade plastic and an airtight lid. The container should also be weatherproof, waterproof, and stackable.

Keep it away from all water sources.

Ensure that you keep the pellets away from all types of water sources swimming pools, hot tubs, garden hoses, sprinklers, window AC units, downspouts, rain, etc.

Keep it away from heat sources.

Not just water, but you need to keep your wood pellets away from heat sources. This is because dry pellets are easily flammable. Avoid storing your pellets near your barbecue, heaters, furnaces, fire tables, or any other source of flame or heat.

To keep your wood pellets fresh and damage-free for a long time, you should get the best quality containers. Get bigger containers, so you can store more wood pellets.

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