Is Yogurt, Ice Cream, Slime, And Jelly Solid or Liquid?

I can’t say that I haven’t eaten some things and started to think pretty deep about them. 

The nature of some things can seem so vague at times. When you think of things like yogurt, ice cream, slime, and jelly, you see that it is not very easy to point out if they’re solids or liquids.

Is yogurt a solid or liquid? How do we even begin to classify slime? Where do I place jelly on the solid-liquid spectrum? Which is it for ice cream, solid or liquid? 

These are the questions…

Read on to see how we cater to these questions in this post. 

Is yogurt a solid or liquid?


Yes, and yes. Yogurt can be solid or liquid. Let’s discuss how. 

The solid or liquid nature of yogurt is temperature-dependent.

When yogurt is frozen, it is considered to be in a solid-state of matter but when yogurt moves and can be drunk, it is considered a liquid. 

Some even go as far as including both states of matter into one when describing this fermented milk produce by calling it semi-solid. This means that at different temperatures, yogurt can assume a solid nature or a liquid one. 

Is Greek yogurt a solid or liquid?

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is more solid than it is liquid. This doesn’t make it entirely solid though. 

Greek yogurt has a thicker, tightly packed, and slightly less moisture-locked texture in comparison to its non-Greek equivalent. 

Here’s why. Greek yogurt is strained and non-Greek yogurt isn’t, this means that Greek yogurt is drained of some of the liquid in it. This process is what gives Greek yogurt its somewhat cream cheese-like texture.

The higher the concentration of the yogurt, the more concentrated the taste of the yogurt. 

So, if you appreciate a more tangy/concentrated taste, you’d love Greek yogurt.

Is ice cream solid or liquid?

ice cream

Ice cream can be considered solid and liquid. This is because the state of matter of ice cream continuously depends on its exposure to temperature and pressure. 

Ice cream can be thought of as being in multiple states of matter. When it is frozen, its particles stick together and are somewhat rigid. 

Meanwhile, when it is melted, its particles tend to move rather freely and this makes it liquid. 

Mostly, we are used to eating frozen or nearly frozen ice cream but on humid days, when we get ice cream, notice that the state of matter of this deliciousness can go from solid to liquid in a matter of seconds. 

Is soft serve ice cream solid or liquid?

soft serve ice cream

Like regular ice cream, soft-serve ice cream is neither a solid nor a liquid. It falls somewhere in between. Isn’t that what makes this creamy goodness so perfect?

Soft serve ice cream neither completely takes the shape of a container nor completely maintains its shape.

Soft serve is described as a suspension; A pool of liquid with a pocket of tiny bits of solid floating in it. Great-tasting soft-serve ice cream is made with tiny particles of gas to give it that soft characteristic feel.

Is slime a liquid or solid?

Slime is both a liquid and a solid. Slime belongs to a group of substances called non-Newtonian fluids. Substances belonging to this category can be liquids or solids depending on the amount of force applied to it. 

When you gently place your hand or an object on the surface of the slime, it’d sink into it but when you apply more pressure, the slime acts like a solid.

The change in viscosity due to pressure is the main feature of slime.

Is cornflour slime a solid or liquid?

Cornflour slime can be a liquid and a solid. Not at the same time of course but it is up to the task with both jobs. 

Just like its non/cornflour counterpart, it is also a non-Newtonian fluid.

Is cornflour slime a solid or liquid? It all depends on the pressure applied to it. 

It behaves like a solid when a lot of force or pressure is applied to it and like a liquid when little or no pressure or force is applied to it.

So yes, cornflour slime is a solid and cornflour slime is a liquid.

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Is oobleck a solid or liquid?

Both, when the pressure is just right.

Ever heard of something called non-Newtonian fluid? Yes? Great. No? Not to worry, not many people have either. 

A non-Newtonian fluid is highly pressure-dependent. What this means is that it can be either a solid or liquid depending on how much force is applied to it. 

Oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid.

When a little bit of pressure is put on oobleck, it acts as a liquid but when more force is applied, the cornstarch particles tend to clamp towards one another thus making it behave similarly to a solid. 

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Is jelly a solid or liquid?

Jelly is neither a solid nor a liquid. Jelly is semi-solid. 
Jelly has been commonly described as a colloid. It is a non-Newtonian fluid that is closer to a liquid than a solid.

How is jelly a non-Newtonian fluid?

When you put jelly on a plate, it holds together and stands but if you stick an object in, it falls apart similarly to how a liquid would react when met with pressure. 

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