Cranberry red bull discontinued: Is this rumor true

Red Bull is the most popular energy drink brand today. Among them, it can be said that the taste of Cranberry red bull is the best. Right when it was released, it won the hearts of many users. However, there is now a rumor that Cranberry red bull discontinues. Soon, we will answer this question. Let’s find out with Bourbon O now.

Introduce about Red Bull

Red Bull is an energy drink owned by the Austrian company Red Bull GmbH. The drink was invented in 1987 by Austrian businessman Dietrich Mateschitz, and Red Bull’s market share accounts for the majority of the world energy drink market, with around 3 billion cans sold each year. Dietrich Mateschitz invented Red Bull inspired by the energy drink Krating Daeng he discovered earlier in Thailand.

Based on it, he changed the ingredients to suit the taste of Westerners, and founded the company Red Bull GmbH in Austria with the company Chaleo Yoovidhya. Chaleo Yoovidhya invented the Krating Daeng energy drink in Thailand; In Thai, daeng means red, and krating means buffalo. Krating Daeng is sold in Thailand and some countries in Asia in yellow cans with the name Krating Daeng or Red Bull Classic. These two products are manufactured independently of each other by separate companies.

What is Red Bull?
What is Red Bull?

Red Bull was the first brand to enter the consumer’s memory under the name “energy drink”. This is a mild carbonated drink, mixed with a little caffeine with herbs, B vitamins and amino acids. The naming of a strange name for the product is always focused. Therefore, Mateschitz did not buy back the rights to use the Krating Daeng trademark. Nor did he call his new product Thailand Tea.

What Mateschitz did was call his Asian concoction “energy drink”. As a result, the first energy drink was born in 1987. Red Bull later went out into the world under the category name “energy drink”, which made it a success despite the “Krating Daeng” brand (already released). present in Thailand decades earlier in 1976).

What ingredients does Red Bull have? Cranberry red bull discontinue

The main ingredients in Red Bull include caffeine, which stimulates nerves and boosts brain activity; taurine – an amino acid that is naturally available in the human body to create a feeling of alertness; and B vitamins help promote normal metabolism.

According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), people with diabetes, pregnant women or those sensitive to caffeine should consume up to 200mg of caffeine. In particular, users should not drink energy when drunk or have heart disease, diabetes.

Currently, sugar like cranberry red bull has been discontinued, at gas stations and stores no longer sold. Red Bull thinks the best energy drinks don’t last long. Finding an effective use for cranberry flavor and making it delicious constitutes a huge breakthrough for Red Bull. Sure, if you’ve tried the cranberry red bull, you won’t want to try any other.

Besides, according to the National Institute of Nutrition, Vietnamese adults are recommended to use only 1-2 cans (bottles) of energy drinks per day, depending on the needs and health status of each person.

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Although it has the ability to instantly quench thirst and is a drink that hydrates the body, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, Red Bull has absolutely no use for dehydration or electrolyte replacement. In fact, Red Bull is an energy drink with appropriate nutritional ingredients, which accelerate the release, absorption and replenishment of energy.

Distinguish genuine Red bull

How to distinguish genuine Red bull
How to distinguish genuine Red bull


With the genuine Red Bull energy drink product, the logo is a picture of two cows with sharp horns in a position to “butt” each other, in the middle is a yellow circle, white border.

Below the logo is the blue Thai text, followed by the word KRATINGDAENG and the familiar RedBull brand right below.

As for the fake Red Bull products, the cow design will be different and the middle image is not a circle (hexagonal shape, oval shape, …) or a circle with a different color.

In addition, the product name has also been changed to be different from the original, some fake product names you can refer to are: RedDeer, Red Saola, RedGold, QileBull, RedDemi, Red Star, Red Goats, Buffalo Goats,. ..


Genuine Red Bull eyelets will be red in color and engraved with a bull similar to the logo. This is the “expensive” distinction because other fake products only have red eyelets but no cow image.

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Ingredient of Cranberry Red Bull

The composition of genuine Red Bull energy drink will be as follows:

Water, Sugar, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid (330), Taurine (1000mg), Stabilizer: Sodium hydrogen carbonate (500ii), mixed fruit flavoring, caffeine, inositol (50mg), lysine ( 50mg), choline (50mg). Preservative: Sodium benzoate (211). Vitamin B3 (20mg), Vitamin B5 (5mg), Vitamin B6 (3mg), synthetic color: Tartrazin Gold (102) and Ponteau 4R (124), Vitamin B12 (49).


With genuine Red Bull energy drink, the product will be manufactured at Red Bull (Vietnam) Co., Ltd., Address: Hanoi Highway, Binh Thang ward, Di An, Binh Duong under the copyright of: TC Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd. (Thailand). If the product you buy is not made here, it is definitely a fake product.

Doubt that Cranberry Red Bull will return

People who are used to this flavor have a wish that the Red Bull cranberry will be back on the market one day. Because this flavor is so special that anyone who has tasted it will never forget and want to try more. However, in fact, there is currently no sign of any company that will produce Red Bull cranberry.

The companies that marketed this product have also discontinued production and left only the after taste of the past. The time when people stopped producing Red Bull cranberry was not too long just recently. However, if it can go back, it will take a few more years for companies to research better ingredients. It is not part of any specific plans to bring this product back.

Although the taste is different, its composition is somewhat harmful to health. So stopping production is also a thing that helps you protect your body in the best way. Besides, in addition to cranberry, the company Red Bull also offers many other extremely attractive flavors. You can fully enjoy those alternative flavors to forget the existence of the original cranberry flavor. Surely other types will also bring you enjoyment when enjoying.

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