Stop Light Shot Cocktail Recipe


Each cocktail has its own unique and unforgettable taste. You can also make yourself a stop light shot anywhere.


  • 3 ounces of vodka
  • 1 cup cranberry juice
  • 1 little orange juice
  • 1 little melon liqueur


Step 1: Prepare 3 cups with unique designs. Place them in a row on the bar.

Step 2: In each ice cup, add one cup of vodka to each cup.

Step 3: In the first glass, add a little cranberry. The second glass for a little orange juice and the last glass for a little melon liqueur.


  • With vodka ingredients, it should be cooled down before putting it in a glass. Or you put the stop light shot glasses in the cooler to enjoy.
  • You can replace regular vodka with flavored ones. This wine has many fruit flavors that you can choose according to your preference. However, if you want the color of the headlights, you need clear vodka.
  • You can substitute the fruit ingredients with different substitutes. For example, grenadine can be substituted for cranberry juice.
  • Green melon liqueur ingredients are the best choice to have an attractive glass of wine.


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