How To Make Scotch Misty – Best Recipes

Scotch Misty: Perfect Recipes You Should Try

If you are looking for a special drink that can help you experience many unique flavors, Scotch Misty is not a bad choice. This drink is made from finely aged wine, lemon flavor, and a little ice. You not only enjoy the new cool, spicy taste of Scotch but also see the fresh scent of lemon. There is no need to go to famous pubs, and you can make this drink yourself at home.


  • Scotch 12 years old or more
  • Fresh lemon peel
  • Small shaved ice
  • An antique cup


Step 1: Crush ice into small pieces and pour it into an old-fashioned glass

Step 2: Pour delicious Scotch into the glass

Step 3: Twist fresh lemon zest on top of the wine glass for a refreshing taste

Step 4: Enjoy a great glass of Scotch Misty


No mixer is needed; just a few simple steps below to complete this unique drink.

People usually enjoy Scotch Misty after every dinner. But you can enjoy it at different times.


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